Protect yourself from harmful rays of the sun but drink vitamin D

Elegant fashion woman in stripped dress with a hat and sunglasses standing on the beach on sunset

Most of us mean that summer is plenty of suns. Even those who like cool spots in films, we usually see the sunny sky. And there is an evolutionary reason for this: people need Vitamin D

Vitamin D does all kinds of big work for our health, helping to maintain a strong, healthy bone in order to increase our mood by preventing seasonal aphrodisiac disorder - triggers the release of streamlined serotonin and endorphin, which experts have in the same positive effect as our energy level.

All said that we all know that overexposure to the sun can make serious damage to our skin by drying it, by causing wrinkles and by exacerbating, before the sun is premature our skin age. Most importantly, it is a known cause of skin cancer. And yet, we still need that Vitamin D.

Here are some hot-wave perfect tips to keep good things in harmony with sun damage:

1. Limit sun exposure for other parts of your body while protecting your face by wearing a cap and sunglasses. Experts say that many people are enough to make the correct amount of Vitamin D for their body after 10-30 minutes on top of a tank in the sun three times a week. If I'm at the beach, I'm wearing a wide-brimmed cap, shades and lots of SPF sunscreen on my face. I will put my shoulders and legs in the sun for a few minutes, and then apply sunscreen or make a cover-up.

Whatever, you ensure a fire prevention. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, for sunlight, try for the first 10 minutes without sunscreen or for this, your body may get direct access to the sun, but it should be made of Vitamin D, but without the negative effects of UV ray overkill. But always, always apply sunscreen before you start burning.

2. Say no way to the noon sun. That's when his rays are strong. The safest bet for your Vitamin D dose after 10mm or 4 pm later When I lunch with friends outside, I always go for a table in the shade instead of a sun-dried spot. And then day after day, I could walk the dog under my mundane sun with my family.

3. Learn your best SPF number (and then do not forget to re-apply always). There is no perfect number for everyone in our skin separating between pigment and genetics. Some of our Vitamin D builds faster than others when burning some of us fast and the only way to keep your skin safe is to run it safely, it protects the first with the highest number and then checks with a small amount of exposure. Have a fine balance law to get your right vitamin D and still protect yourself, so listen to your body and how it responds to both needs. That is, and you have a smart, safe, healthy summer - every year.