Police warnings after pub ‘trouble’ in England match


After reacting to the 'trouble' report on the local paul, the Wiltshire Police urges the people to make sure they are properly preparing for the World Cup games.

They say that there are security centers in many city centers, and if the number of residential areas increases, their number may decrease.

On Thursday night, additional police officials called on the United Kingdom after a TV broke after the England game against Belgian.

Inspector Steve Love said his employees had a prioritization of security, "There are a lot of them, we will have to stand back."

Adnan Januz's extraordinary goal was to win the World Cup against Belgium in the 1-0 second striker in England.

As a result, Gareth is in second place in the Southgate Group Group Group and will face Colombia on Tuesday 16 March.

In England's match, a number of incidents have happened throughout the West Country Police force is now calling for peace ahead of the knockout stage.