Police investigating house, death of eight children

Officials went to the nursery's address (Lucy Letby). The health worker's arrest for the murder of eight children. Police searched in a nurse's room. Who arrested eight children suspected to murder and tried to kill six others.
Officers searched 28-year-old Lucy Letby as part of the ongoing investigation. It was the Newenle Unit of the Chester Hospital Council. Officials have faced 17 children and 15 deadly losses between March 2015 and July 2016.
The police arrived at Mrs. Metbi's house on Tuesday at 6 pm. They are expecting to see on her parent's property at Hepford. An interview held with Chester and District Standards in 2013. Mrs. Lettie said that she had cared for different levels of support. The children and the graduate units from the undergraduate were working.
He featured a campaign of a local paper to raise funds for the unit. Detective Inspector Paul Hughes said that the investigation started in May 2017. A special team of detective has been working strictly in this case".
"It is a very complex and highly sensitive investigation. You can appreciate, we need to make sure that we will do everything. We can try to install in detail of what this baby has been led to and collapses.
"When the investigation was first launched, it focused on the death of 15 children. The time between June 2015 and June 2016.
"Besides, the investigation was also conducting a review. The review was of six non-fierce clashes at the same time."
The officer said, "The scope of the search scope" now includes the death of 17 children. The time between March 2015 and July 2016 and 15 incidents of missing.
"As a result of our ongoing investigation, we have arrested a healthcare professional. Who involved in the investigation," Detective Inspector Hughes said.
"The arrest of eight children suspected volunteer and killing six children in prison.
"It is important to remember to take an important step in our quest. It is very active and ongoing in this phase of an investigation.
"There is no deadline for this conclusion. But we are committed to the thorough investigation as soon as possible."
Chester Hospital Council said the hospital would continue to support the ongoing police investigation.
Before the police warned, some independent medical experts reviewed the death penalty in the hospital.
"Asking the police to investigate this matter was not a bit of a problem. We can do everything and get the answers and our families desperately want," said Mr. Harvey in a statement.
"The council is now equivalent to a level 1 special care baby unit and we are confident that the unit is safe to continue its current form."
Inspector Hughes said that the parents of all children were fully supported during the investigation. The lawyers representing two children under the hospital. They were "rosy" to provide answers to the affected families.