PML-N candidate Rana Iqbal Siraj tortured the ECP


Pakistan Election Commission (ECP) gave Reuters the notice of the Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidate Rana Iqbal Siraj to declare Mubarak a verdict, and the Punjab government ordered the authorities to provide security for the candidates of Murshan, Narail. And elsewhere

Chief Minister of the caretaker Punjab. In a letter to Hasina Asif Rizvi, the ECP secretary said that free and fair elections can only be done in a well-organized law and order situation. It has been mentioned in the letter that the concerned officials were made aware of the threats of political leaders before and candidates of rival candidates.

“It appears, unfortunately, the letter authority is still taking the bull by the horn,” read the letter.

At the weekend, a PML-N candidate of Mulan claimed in a social media post that he was beaten by security officials and forced to change his vote.

“Mulan Rana Iqbal Siraj has threatened to sabotage and dire consequences to our candidate,” PML-N supremo and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif told Saturday night in London.

Nawaz urged the caretaker Prime Minister and Chief Election Commissioner to take Nawaz Sharif’s threat to the candidates.