PayPal’s letter to the deceased customer: ‘Please read this notice carefully’


PayPal wrote a British woman who died due to cancer, was a violation of her death contract. Since then the company has apologized and pledged to find out how it has made a mistake. – Jeff Chuie / AP

Lindsay met a man named Harde on a dating site, fell in love, got married, and added her name to Darling. Howard said he was happy for a decade until he got sick – breast cancer – twice. He fought and spread it and he died on 31 May. On Tuesday of this week, Lindsay received a letter from a Britain which was at her home in Bucklebury, England.

“Important – you have to read this notice carefully,” PayPal’s letter has begun.

“You are violating your contract terms 15.4 (c) with PayPal credits, as we have received notice that you are dead.”

Because of its permanent change, the company said it has several options: “We have the right to terminate your account, termination of your contract and full interest re-investment.”

He had a hectare of £ 3,240.72, about $ 4,282.06, and if the loan was not paid, take legal action.

“We understand that you may be facing financial problems and are eager to help,” provided the letter, he suggested reaching.