Partner Visa 820 Just A Perfect Choice For You

Partner Visa 820
Partner Visa 820

Do you miss your partner who currently resides in Australia? Then, Partner Visa Subclass 820is a perfect way out for you. However, it will only be granted to you if your spouse has obtained Australian citizenship, an Australian Permanent Residency visa, or become an eligible New Zealand citizen. Here we discuss the eligibility criteria for a partner visa 820 and the benefits you can get from this visa. 

What Is Partner Visa 820?

This Visa 820 is a temporary partner visa granted first and allows the applicant to stay in Australia with the partner for two years. During this period, you may apply for another partner visa, i.e., the Partner Visa 801. Visa 801 will allow you to live permanently in Australia. You can also work for an indefinite period in Australia, get health coverage through Medicare, the Australian government’s health care scheme, and then apply for Australian citizenship once you meet all the criteria. So, in short, Visa Subclass 820 will be the initial step for you to get permanent citizenship. 

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For The Partner Visa Subclass 820?

For a successful application of Visa Subclass 820, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria.

    1. Age: Your age must be more than 18 years when you will lodge your visa application.
    2. Location: You must be present in Australia at the time of application and when the decision is made.
    3. Sponsorship: You must have a sponsor who may be your spouse or your de facto partner.
    4. Meeting the requirements: You have to satisfy health and character requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs.
    5. No debts: You should have no outstanding debts to the Australian government or must have arranged for a repayment.

One vital point you should note here that if your spouse or the de facto Partner’s age is less than 18 years, his or her parents or guardian can sponsor your stay in Australia. However, that person also has to be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

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What Are The Sponsorship Limitations?

There are some restrictions on the sponsorship, which the sponsoring person has to comply with. Following are the occasions where the Department does not consider the application.

    1. The sponsor has acquired any partner visa or the Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 in the previous five years. 
    2. Already two or more persons on a partner visa or Visa Subclass 300 have been sponsored by the sponsor.
    3. In the last five years, one person on any partner visa has received support from the sponsor.

Still, exceptions can be made in cases like the untimely death of the partner or abandonment while having minor children or the sponsor’s partner or sponsor having dependent children. An exception can also be possible if the sponsor has been living together with the present partner over the last two years or more. An immigration consultant Perth or any other Australian city can help you with these exceptional cases.

What Are The Sponsorship Obligations?

The sponsor has to provide his or her partner financial support for living costs and also English language courses if needed, accommodation, and other assistance like child care if necessary.

Which Family Members Can You Include In Your Visa Application?

If you have dependent children or step-children, you may include them in the partner visa application. They can have the full rights same as you.

What Health And Character Requirements You Have To Meet?

You and all the other dependent family members have to satisfy all the requirements. Within 12 months of lodging the application, you have to undertake the health examinations. Along with it, you have to submit the police certificates from each country where you have lived for more than one year in the past ten years. You may contact ISA to get a qualified migration agent Perth for a successful qualification.

What Are The Benefits Of The Visa 820?

The four significant benefits that this visa offers are as follows.

    1. Flexibility

You can use it for staying in Australia until you learn about the decision about your Permanent 801 visa by the Department of Home Affairs. Also, you can have full work rights, complete freedom to travel within and outside Australia, and permission to study in any Australian university. You must note here that you will not get any financial help from the Australian government for study.

    1. Access to Medicare

Once you apply for the Visa 820, you can access Medicare. You can get various healthcare services like treatments and consultations from all kinds of doctors free of cost and free treatment and accommodation at any public nursing home or hospital. You will also get medications under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

    1. Attending the Adult Migration English Program (AMEP)

Once you get the Visa 820, you can access free English language tuition for up to 510 hours. These classes are available across Australian cities, regional areas, and also rural sides. You will have several options to study like full-time or part-time, weekend and night classes, online learning, home tutor advantages, and distance learning. 

    1. You Can Include Dependent Children In The Application

Are your dependent children currently in Australia? Then you can happily include them in the application and move your whole family there. Dependent children must be less than 18 years of age. Even if they are over 18, they should be under 23 and satisfy the following conditions to get support from you.

    1. They have to be economically dependent on you or your spouse as they are full-time students.
    2. You can give them support if they are not able to work because of physical or mental disabilities.

Where To Seek Help?

ISA Migrations has a good number of registered agents and consultants who may give you professional guidance. A firm like Immigration Agent Perth can also help you.