Opioid Crisis and Va. Business: What’s at stake ?


RICHMOND, VA. (WRIC) - On Thursday, about 400 people met Richmond to discuss the economic cost of the goods for the Commonwealth misuse.

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce hosted the "Virginia Health Care Conference" at "Great Richmond Convention Center". It brings together employers, leaders of government policy and healthcare partners.

The Virginia Chamber CEO and President "Barry Dual" said, "Virginia can not achieve fullness without global workflow".

"DuVal" is a recent Wall Street Journal article that describes a shrinking pool of workers. The top three causes of fall? Baby boomers for retiring at work, more students in the school and opiated crisis

There is a serious impact on the various communities across the Commonwealth with the "Optimized Crisis". The business community believes that we will continue to cooperate with the development of innovative proposals, including subsidized models, such as access to behavioral healthcare services and using substance disorders, "Dual said". "Our employees are very important for the healthcare community and the use of materials has a big impact on our economy."

The first panel of the day focuses on the effect of "Opera Crisis". Venezuelan behavioral health and development service Sinhan Dunnavant (Ar-Henrico), Deal Will Moreiefnd (R-Tejowel) and Dr. Hugh Melton, "Opposition Crisis" participated.

Melton said the total annual cost of Virginia is 1.4 billion dollars. He said this problem is deeper than many issues.

"For everyone who dies from an overdose, there are 10 people in treatment, there are 50 who have been seen in the ER and have 150 diseases," said Melton. "So when you see a higher level of statistics, this is a note of the glacier in the number of people fighting with addiction diseases."

Outfield, who represents Southwestern West Virginia, has a personal connection to the crisis.

He said, "There is no single family which is not affected by the episodic epidemic."
Dr. Dheeraj Raina, Behavioral Health Medical Director at Anthem, provided the keynote address.