Number of World Cups in Russia 2018

With group games complete, the dramatic cycle of the World Cup begins with a pair of heavyweight collision starting on Saturday in Serious Business.
As France will be pursuing Uruguay's meeting with Portugal against Argentina as Russia-2018 expanded the last 16 relationships between Russia in four days.
However, there is still time to look back before the action resumption. The preliminary stage offers a chance to pick out the key points about the 16th race to remain with an opportunity to lift the famous trophy on July 16th.
Here, we have selected ten Opta numbers from the World Cup:
5 - Harry Cain scored 5 goals, making him the top scorer and Golden Boot. The England captain has lost to Belgium's closing group, but Cristiano Ronaldo, Ramele Lukaku and unknown star Dennis Cherezev have not been clearly visible.
17 - At the other end of the pitch, Mexico's goalkeeper Gilmoreo Ocho has scored more than 17, so far more than any other player in the tournament. Although Denmark's Kasperse Schmidt has a good percentage of percentage (92.3) compared to Ochoa (81).
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17 - Neymar became more dangerous than the other players in the World Cup, Brazil's talisman has earned ten free-kicks against his pace attack against Switzerland.
11 - On the contrary, Russia striker Aleppam has confessed to the disguise of Díbah 11 of the highest level with Argentine midfielder Javier Mascherano.
16 - No player has more shots than Neymar's 16th goal, but Ronaldo's goal was also based on eight goals with the world's most expensive players.
307 - Spain captain Sergio Ramos has made the maximum of 307 runs in three matches with the highest score. His nearest rival Tony Cross, introduced to Germany, is a record holder of 298 people. Spain's Jordi Alba and Isco helped their team in 2009 based on the collective help of 2807 successful passes.
9 - The goal for Belgium was 9 goals, more than any team in Russia in 2018. Ownership of the worst-contested record demands unwanted awards, even if they win 11 runs against Pennia. The target of 8.49 goals in Belgium is the highest in the World Cup and more than a distance.
72 - Germany records 72 shots of playing at their three group stage, but are still eliminated after being lost to Mexico and South Korea. For Joakim Lo, 72 percent of their games were owned, second from Spain (72.8 percent).
3 - Only three groups finished with the highest point in group: Belgium, Uruguay, and Croatia. Uruguay is yet to acknowledge a goal in the final, keeping all the games clean so far on all their games - a record that will be the last 16 in Portugal.
24 - Russia finishes 24 finals in 2018 - using VAR in the first World Cup - already the previous record has been removed. Of these 24 spot-kisses, 18 were scored. Argentina's Lionel Messi is among 12 yards away, as he watched his effort against Iceland.