Notice: Lord and Taylor closed 83 more employees


Another 83 officers have been dismissed at Lord & Taylor’s distribution center. Layouts are expected to be on August 31 and will continue on February 1 next year.

WarN notification was listed on January 17 as a file update, which, after March and April, closed 202 employees, told the State Department of the Department of Labor and Industry.

According to the Hudson Bay Company (HBC) website, Lord & Taylor, “An increasing focus on running a digital business of Lord & Taylor, new leadership, and an optimized store is expected to coincide with the pic files, reduce costs and improve overall performance. Business. ”

“The brand’s brick and mortar presence are expected to close 10 of the Lord’s and Taylor’s shops by 2019, to better balance the profits and increase profits.” “This lowered storage network will allow new leaders to think again about the model and the good position for the future success of Lord and Taylor.”

When 202 layouts were announced at the beginning of this year, the Lord and the Telar website said it was “closed”, but Lord and Taylor’s parent organization HbC said that the local center was open. The effect of the next wave of the layout in the company’s position is not known.

The 600,000 square feet of Holland Park Boulevard’s facility was opened and in 1992 the shop located outside an 8,000-square-foot clearance center and the distribution center was closed. A company spokesman responded with the following statement:

“As part of a recent review of our communications centers for improving our customer experience across all channels, we have now decided to integrate the function of our Customer Contact Center with the third-party vendor in the Willows Bar,” It starts.

“The Willis-Barry distribution center will be open and all the retail-focused departments and other support functions including the store’s staffing and printing machinery will continue to work there,” the statement will continue.