Non-legendary review: This time of the fire


Bloomsbury, $ 24.95

Inspired by James Belvedin's book "The Fire's Next Time", this collection of contemporary pieces shows humor, sorrow. And sorrow because of the lack of progress in ethnic relations in America. When Claudia Rankin asked a friend to be the mother of a black boy, she replied, "Black life is one of mourning." This depression - on slavery, spread over the police force, on the official letter - these spoken articles spread. They do not force - as well as they might be - it is true that things are true and the deadly events of black people speak for themselves. At the same time, a strong prose poem exists in most of this prose. There is a strong presence in poetry, since young people in Grandma's funeral are prone to the pronouncement, sitting in a dark cloud, alligators are trained in their lives.