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Safety gloves are hand protection equipment often made up of rubber, synthetic, or plastic materials. These are mostly used in times of cleaning or working with solvent, chemicals, or oils. In certain industries, safety gloves are used during the welding process to protect from abrasion and cuts. You can find different types of gloves online made up of plastic, nitrile, nylon, etc, for protection from heat and chemicals.

The use of safety gloves is very crucial while working in industries as it protects from serious injuries to hands during the tasks performed. When workers don’t use safety gloves and come in contact with chemicals, it ends up causing burns and allergic reactions.

Protective tips of using safety gloves:

  • Ensuring the gloves are tear-proof and clean before wearing them.
  • It is important to get the gloves that are fitted right to maintain the comfort level while using them.
  • Always keep a pair of spare safety gloves. This will come in handy in case you tear or damage the current pair.
  • While working with highly toxic chemicals, it is recommended to wear shoulder-high safety gloves.

What are cut resistance nitrile gloves?

Also known as Acrylonitrile-Butadiene rubber, Nitrile is a type of synthetic rubber that has been used to make disposable gloves since the 1990s. At first, these gloves were marketed to medical professionals, especially dentists because of their high resistance to puncture. Ever since, nitrile gloves are being used by tattoo artists, mechanics, and many other industrial workers. Mallcom provides the best quality cut-resistant nitrile gloves available online. The nitrile gloves offered by Mallcom are high heat resistant, highly cut-resistant, high chemical resistant, have low allergic reaction rates, and offer a comfortable fit.

Major benefits of cut resistance nitrile gloves

Great Temperature and Water resistance: Nitrile is a waterproof substance, just as vinyl and latex. Therefore there is no chance of the gloves getting weak or getting soaked. Cut-resistant nitrile gloves can be used anytime as working gloves to make your hands waterproof. Nitrile has good resistance to a temperature ranging from -40 to 108 °C, making it ideal for professionals who have to touch hot and cold surfaces frequently. This is the reason why to date, nitrile gloves are considered ideal for many industries.

Chemical and Puncture resistance: Are you worried about chemical contaminants and pathogens in your work line? Then, cut-resistant nitrile gloves are once again winning the choice. As the name suggests, cut-resistant nitrile gloves have a superior puncture-resistant quality, making the gloves a favorite for medical professionals and tattoo artists worldwide. Cut-resistant nitrile gloves are three times stronger than latex, offering great protection against sharp objects. Also, a puncture in nitrile gloves tears the material entirely making it obvious to change it immediately. Latex hides a puncture because the elastic material conceals the breach, increasing the danger of contamination.

Affordability and Durability: Price is considered a serious concern as you will be purchasing many pairs of gloves every month. When nitrile gloves were introduced, they were more expensive than latex gloves. But the prices have reduced so much that nitrile gloves are the topmost choice now. Apart from their cheap price, nitrile gloves also last long. Despite being disposable, they can be used more than once, if needed. Because of the durability of nitrile gloves, they are safe to use when purchased in bulk amounts.

Safer choice for people suffering from Latex allergies: Allergies are the most serious disadvantage of latex gloves. Even if you are not allergic to it, you can cause an allergic reaction to anyone you touch while wearing them. Comparatively, nitrile being a synthetic rubber does not contain any latex and you don’t have to worry about your clients having latex allergies. Nitrile gloves fit more snuggly and comfortably than latex, making it easier to work with them for a long duration. Top-quality nitrile gloves also have a slip-resistant finish to them, which offers a firm grip when they are wet.


Because of all the benefits of cut-resistant nitrile gloves, it comes with no surprise that they are steadily becoming the favorite disposable gloves of tattoo artists, medical professionals, industrial workers, and much more worldwide.

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