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Night turn work? Your body can go out of sync

A fitness coach tells you how to put health issues on symptoms

Today, many people turn to the night, especially young people, but working in the night shifts can be harmful to health because it invites many health problems. The body can go boggling due to late autumn work due to circadian rhythm and go out of body sync. Mumbai’s fitness coach Kunal Sharma tells you to take the necessary steps for a happy and healthy life.

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According to Kunal Sharma, “People who work around the clock can have depression, fatigue, and inflammation, late night workers who have a problem with their circadian rhythms (which is a body clock, a cycle that is used to eat, sleep etc.). Connected with and so amazing is our internal organs. Our polyethylene leader starts work after 10:00 pm and if we cannot sleep between 10:00 or 10:30 am, but our pathodiser cannot digest fat, and this means we have the risk of skin, hair and nail health. Lite Night Pati workers are not available Vitamin D because they are sleeping day by day If your Vitamin D3 is deficient, then your bone system becomes weak with your one time. All fat-soluble vitamins are available at night time. What nutrition. ”

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He adds, “The brain is revived in the night at night, the memory cycle is restored during sleep at night, during the sleep of the night the spinal hydrotreats are re-formatted and re-emerged, muscles, ligaments, tendons are all healing and rejuvenated at night, so the whole body is deep sleeping. On the night of the cycle, trembling in the night, people who have always had warm sleep should have inflammation in different parts of their body. Marshal cannot sleep at night I can not sleep, or good and bad bacteria in the stomach let unbalanced, which may become unconscious. ”

Remember this thing:

  • Vitamin C should be eaten on a regular basis. Fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, are very important.
  • Try to cover up your sleep as much as possible.
    Try to hydrate yourself from time to time.
  • Do not eat coffee, tea during late night. Add extra stress on these stimulants and the adrenal gland and make you quicker.
  • Cruciform vegetables should be eaten regularly. They are anti-cancer, antistaginic and good for women.


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