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Neymar is both inspired and terrified


There is a long-standing comedy in international football rounds that you can always consider: Death, Taxes, and Mexico, without the World Cup in consecutive years at the party level.

The fifth game “Quinto Partido,” Mexicans looking to break the curse, entered the competition this year. In the second round of each of the last six competitions, El Trie organized the World Cup for Russia in the second round. You can now do seven in a row now because they are facing four matches again. The winner of the World Cup in Mexico was only twice in the knockout stage, both in 1970 and 1986, the tournament was not held.

This is supposed to be different during this time. Which of the Mexican national team is now running outside of the domestic division of Mexico and outside of Europe’s top league? Their intense and consolidated victory against Germany was the curiosity of the people: a group that made so much promise, but eventually it was distributed a little bit. In the end, it was similar to the Conakahaf kings, handed over to the Brazilian, Netherlands, Argentina (twice), United States and Germany, and were knocked out of the tournament at the same time.

This is Mexico, who are they as the World Cup team. Around -16 side. Those who are not completely wrong, most of the countries will be killed for keeping their record of conservatism. They are a good group to survive aside and play nicely at times (they did against Germany and South Korea in the opening round). As well as fitting enough for Brazil and South Americans have a little sweat.

But on one side that’s not really good for the game’s hungry, hang, and when it’s the most important of the World Cup. The fact that Mexicans do not exist, and the fact that they have never been shown in this tournament, is the power to play on a consistent basis on the emergence of their game and their head. Mexico is just part of its share. Nothing more

Neymar Inspiration

A player for the final challenge of Neymar was also praised for his illusory skills and at the same time, he was also fond of him. Brazil defeated Mexico by 1-0 in the 1-0, while the second half of the PSG star stood in front of a lovely set of wineries, the second goal of this World Cup. Then to become the winner in Brazil, he delayed the time of controlling Robert Ferremanov crossing.

Neymar has been very influential in Russia to create more shot (23), more shot (12) on target, and more likely to score more than any other player (16) He did this while being the victim of the highest 23 frauds in the tournament.

But he had 20 minutes left to restrain his opponent from opposing the players’ opposition to his inactive game and self-motivated behavior, but Neymar felt extremely painful after his right ankle.

Although it was something of a living, it was supposed to be dishonest. It was not and probably it was not because the referee did not appreciate Neymar’s arrogant attempting to sell it, although Lein was bitching strap on her ankle. He looked at Naimar and saw that the ankle of his feet was torn from his feet pure comedy. It’s already enough, brings Neymar’s game and stop yourself in the corrupt.



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