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Newspaper review: Dialas attacks on new rounds of protesters on the border of Gaza, number of casualties

AMMAN, 23 June 2015 (Wafaaaa) – A new round of protest protests in Gaza along with Israel and Israeli military gunmen highlighted a large number of Palestinian casualties on the first page of the daily newspapers of Palestinian Arakan. Saturday

Three newspapers said that 200 Palestinians were injured in the Israeli gunfight, more than 40 people were injured in the blast and at least seven were reported in critical condition. Al-Azam, quoted by UN official Nikola Maldenov, said that it was time to take Israel’s siege off. Since 2006, Gaza has been imposed on

Al-Hayat al-Jaddada, with its main sponsorship of Israeli violation in the West Bank, such as a military operation on Western troops in Kufr Kaddam near Kulkuliyan in the north of the West Bank, and in the southwest of southwestern demonstrations, in the refugee camps of Bethlehem in the south, 21 Palestinian families have their homes in the Jordan Valley Ordered to leave, May reduce their troops around the battlefield can play their home, as well as the north-northwest to destroy hundreds of jitabrksake. And large areas of agricultural land.

The United States attempts to put the United States on its main effort, al-Quds, to impose its so-called “century treaty” in the so-called region and two US officials, Jarod Kushner and Jason Greenblatt trip, is currently making this region, has been fairly rejected by the Palestinians dedicated to the page and acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capital Due to the US Boycott who sold their plan. This newspaper said that, in an interview with Kushner, he said that it will publish the full interview on Sunday.

According to Israeli media, Al-Azzam said in addition to the US move, that the treaty of the century is not to remove all the sacred places of Jerusalem, to exclude any settlements and to the Palestinian capital of Abu Dh, an East Jerusalem neighborhood is located outside the racism wall of Israel.

Meanwhile, the administration of the United States President Donald Trump has stated that the agreement will be published based on the deterioration of the region’s role. Al-Hayat al-Jaddada has quoted Fatah that the US treaty has been referred to as “a conspiracy” which has been covered by human desire, but it will not be passed

Al Quds reports the activities of the Israeli settlement in occupied territories, and 459 new settlement structures have been built for the construction of 450 units of Malay Adumim and Guibat Jive on the east coast of Jerusalem. The large settlement of the northeast of Jerusalem, is being lived.

Officials of Israeli intelligence agency said that Israeli strikes have been carried out in the Gaza Valley. Israeli officials said Israeli forces launched an attack on the Gaza Strip in Israeli strikes. Israeli court died in Germany at the age of 88, in which Israel survived after being attacked and threatened by Israeli right-wing Israelis.

Al-Hayat al-Jaddada said, President Mahmoud Abbas expressed his sympathy for Langer’s death. In a letter to the British intellectuals, he said that the boycott of Israelis is not against semitism. In this article, Prince William started the historic tour on Monday in the region

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