Netflix is removing the online reviews in August


You will not be able to post written reviews until July 30, and then the existing written submissions will be removed in mid-August.

Soon, it will be a little hard for you to tell everyone about Marbell's Avenger's thinking.

Netflix is removing a desktop-only feature this summer, allowing users to review and write TV shows and movies on their websites. But coming to the shutdown stage. On 30 July the folks will not be able to write their responses on a show similar to a Yelp review of a restaurant. And in mid-August, people will no longer be able to read existing user reviews at Netflix.

"We've recently notified members that use this feature", Netflix spokesman Smita Saran said in an email on Thursday.

This is not the first time that the company has changed a feature used to provide feedback.

Streaming services allow people to rate programs with one to five stars. However, at the beginning of last year, the company has made a common thumb up or downsize. Some people criticize mobility, Forbes contributor Paul Tasey said that the new system was "measure of unemployment." Netflix, meanwhile, still uses star rating information and said it has got more ratings under its thumbs-up-thumbs-down system.

Netflix's written review is to explain to users why they are out of five stars, for example, in the park, and in entertainment But they only published Netflix's website, its not many applications, and a Netflix spokesman written review system used to recommend shows to Netflix that do not affect the effects

"This feature is only given on the website and it can be seen over time," Saran said.

Current tiles up or down-down systems, which are fully independent of written reviews, remain after a change.

Netflix is its peak when this news comes at a time. This spring, the streaming service takes the crown as the world's most valuable media company and hits 125 million subscribers globally.