Mustain teaches players life lessons


Institute, WV - Football players of North and South teams listen to John Mosten on Tuesday afternoon.

James Monroe High School Coach depicted his inspiration at West Virginia State University's Media Day in South Charleston High School on Saturday at 12 pm on Saturday in the North-South Football Class.

"You're going to run hard times in this life," said Mustain. "I lost my first wife (Mary Beth) in 1999. She was 34 years old, at the age of 38, she gave birth to six children, she had five daughters, I could have stayed out of coaching, but they wanted me to continue. By doing that I will continue to do it. I have given up easily. "

Mustan is not talking about football only. Mustangs can leave on the life of the coach. She might be rolled up. He is not His children will not leave him

"You look at it as a parent and think, 'People, I neglect my children,'" Mustain said. "I know in my heart that I am because I did not know that they wanted to do me."

Mustaine continues

"We will all go to our lives," Mustain said. "You can not leave. You can not leave. Get up every morning and go back there and go."

Mustain married in 2009. He said that his wife, Lisa, helped him. He has learned for the past 19 years and has left his players in terms of life. Before retiring from a coach of Sachin Tendulkar for the last time, his final game will be.

"I'm trying to get to the kids, the biggest thing you have to do is remove yourself from it," Mustain said. "Someone told me that you are going through the hell, going on."

Together, Mustain football, the good character of intelligence and his players, and discussing this discussion back to the red-jerseyed South Cardinal and the blue-colored northern seeds, which were very few heard, though they were stuck in the mental comments of the Mustache.

"I have never heard of this", a member of the South Squad said in the speech of the aggressive lineman Brier Elswick. Mustain of the Cable Middleland "He has a way that he has that way. He is ready to go with that story."

The game was usually held at the University of Charleston Stadium, which moved to South Charleston because this week the Capital City Strugglers Invitational Track Meetings were set for the UC Stadium. The North-South game has been extended from one year past to one week so that SSAC members do not conflict with the three-week summer practice.

In some regions the players are in South Rochere, Elswickjoins the extreme receiver Carn Cordon, Amazon Lineman Kole Runen and Hurricane Steven Chain; Linebacker Ethan Burgess of Buffalo; Wingfield's Andrew Half on the fourth edge; Defensive Hannan and insect defender Lineman Mavin Meadows's Logan Nibert; And Elswick

After closing the final second watch and Mastain no more than an active coach, his worry will be turned into which holds its future.

"I did not think that much," said Mustain. "I'll go back to the weight room. I'll go fishing. I really want to do it."