MP said the new research will sell his call back for another review of alcohol sales


Manura's MP said the failed laws against the sale of alcohol would encourage his call for another review.

New research from Massey University shows six years ago that changes in binge-prohibition laws prohibiting the law have failed to be greatly failed.

It is found that local policies are being reduced by the appeal of alcohol providers, whose resources are far more than the Council and Health Board.

Labor MP Luisa Wall introduced a member's bill aiming to carry more weight to local alcohol policies.

The new study has shown that the current law was not suitable for the purpose, he said.

He said, "This is from my point of view because we are in the discussion committee but in reality, it is how the election committee will respond to this evidence now."

Community Input Policy has been largely ignored, says Ms. Wall.

The Election Committee is now organizing a hearing on the issue of renewal of renewal of alcohol for sale and supply.