Modi does not face hygiene in India: Suchitra Prasad


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to overcome India's ambitious National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS), or moderator, in India's health sector, saying Surendra Prasad, who is also an immortal, "Equity and Access: Health Care Studies in India"

"The National Health Policy 2017 and the 2018-19 Declaration of the World's Largest Health Insurance Program clearly outlines that Modi's government is pursuing a health policy," said Prasad, whose book is a part of Studies' Contemporary Society in Society of Oxford India and Health Seva Segment by Specialists and Eminent Personalities A collection of contributions.

"In the last four years, the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) government changes the names of health programs but shows health care and public provision on health insurance market and public-private partnership conditions.

"If the healthcare service is different from the market and the welfare of the public, there is no problem with the question of health-related discrimination in India, this direction is going forward towards the world and there is no reason for India. Should be different. "

In most countries, including the United Kingdom and Canada, he said that instead of leaving healthcare due to market worries, it is sure that it is public welfare and state responsibility.

"Under the NDA regime, the universal policy rejects any effort to personalize health care, every policy initiative is strengthening the private sector and leading to the weakness in the public sector."