Milwaukee M18 Fuel Combo Kit 2897-22 (2-Tool) Review

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Combo Kit

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Combo Kit (2-Tool) is one of the best drill sets of “Milwaukee,” specially manufactured for use as a Hammer drill. What’s the Hammer Drill? The Hammer Drill is for creating holes in concrete materials, or very hard materials like that. You may also use this machine in almost all the places from your house to any construction industry. You know the drill machine is a must in almost all the construction industries these days.

Even for performing some of our household purposes, we often keep a drill machine at our home. But, the drill machine we often use at our home is less powerful and thus less effective in the construction industry. But using this one, you may meet both the needs of your home and all the other places. You’ll get here all the customer-friendly features, like the other top class ones. Today we’re here to show you all the good and bad of “Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Fuel 2-Tool Combo Kit, Red.” Let’s start our today’s journey!

Milwaukee Drill Set-2897-22-M18-Fuel-2 Tool Combo Kit

Short Info on “Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Fuel”

Generally, we treat a thing as the best one when we see that it can meet our needs perfectly. If you take a quick look at the features of Milwaukee m18 fuel hammer drill impact driver combo, you’ll see this one can perform all the functions relating to drilling. You can use the Milwaukee  M18 fuel combo kit in all the places you want to and you’ll get it as rightly effective. Commonly, a hammer drill machine can run the drilling function in high RPM (rotation per minute).

The Milwaukee 2997-22 Mi8 combo kit can provide up to 2000 RPM and you can consider this rotation speed as comparatively high. It is the cordless one and that’s why you may use it without the direct electricity connection. While the other battery powered machines keep only one battery, this one keeps two batteries. For that reason, you’ll be able to enjoy the “greater runtime” after charging it fully for once.

The manufacturers make this Milwaukee M18 Fuel Combo Kit is a light weighted drill machine for making it comfortable  to users. All the parts and accessories of this drill are perfectly durable to work for long hours continuously.  One of the most amazing things is that it contains a “BRUSHLESS MOTOR.” Due to a motor of such a nature, you’ll not have to waste your time for maintenance off and on. Certainly, the other cool aspects of this best drill machine will satisfy you to the nth degree.

Pros & Cons

  • You’ll get a 5 years tool warranty with this drill machine. For having two batteries in it, you’ll be able to enjoy longer runtime. You may use this drill machine in all the places as it is a cordless one. Besides the drill, you’ll not have to buy any single extra tool for using it.
  • Here, the process of the torque selection is not friendly to a newbie.

Some features of Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Fuel 2-Tool Combo Kit!

If you want to buy this machine today, take a quick look at the following features. This will be helpful for you to determine- the features of it are desired to you or not?

  • The weight of this drill machine is 1 pound, and the dimension of this one is 4.3 x 14.9 x 19.1 inches. You may carry and hold it in your hand easily during the drilling function.
  • You’ll have to use two “REDLITHIUM XC 5.0 batteries” and these will be included in the sent package. For these two batteries in this drill, the charging time will be a bit more.
  • The motor of this hammer drill can provide the “Fastening Torque” up to 1800 in. lbs., and the “Peak Torque” of 1200 in. lbs.
  • The manufacturers of it keep a LED Light at the front side, below the “torque selection ring.” The job of this light is to enlighten the surrounding area on which you’ll put the drill bit.

If the features of this drill mentioned above can fulfill your criteria, then it is wiser for you to step forward to order it. But, before order, check the Item model number- 2897-22, and the ASIN- B017G5GCKS, of this best drill machine.

How to drill using  the Milwaukee fuel drill set perfectly?

When you get the package in hand, you’ll see all the parts and materials separately kept in a “carrying case.” The carrying case is of the black and red color, as like the color of drill. Now we’re going to show you how you may attach the parts with the machine and use it.

  1. Firstly, open the case and take a look at the different parts to get an idea regarding these. You’ll see in the carrying case, “M18 & M12 Multi-Voltage Charger,” “Side Handle,” “Drill Bits,” etc. Before anything else, set the drill machine for charging as only a few amounts of charge will remain in it. For charging, you’ll have to place the machine with the battery, on the charger and connect with an electricity line.
  2. After completing the charge, place the machine in front of you and take a look at it. In the time of setting the machine in front of you, keep the CHUCK at the front side. In this machine, the battery is in the base part of the drill machine. And in the upper back part, you’ll see the white color writing: “Milwaukee FUEL.” This writing is on the motor and all the power for drilling comes from here. In the time of running the drilling function, you’ll have to hold tightly the grip, placed between the battery and motor.
  3. At the upper front side, you’ll see a silver color round shaped chuck. The job of this chuck is to hold the drill bit. So, now place the drill bit in the chuck and turn on the machine. After turning on the machine, if you gently press on the trigger switch, you’ll see the drill bit rotation. The trigger switch is the black color button placed above the grip and below the chuck. If you want to drill something, put the drill bit on that thing, and press on the trigger switch. If you press hard, the rotation will be faster resulting in fast drilling.
  4. Between the chuck and the motor, you’ll get a round shaped clutch. You’ll see different numbers like 16, 18, 20, etc. on it and these are for selecting the torque speed. What’s the torque speed? In the time of drilling, the chuck rotates and that’s why the drill bit will also rotate. Torque indicates how much speed the chuck will rotate in the time of drilling. So if you want to get faster drilling, set the clutch accordingly.

Some Amazing Parts and Aspects of the Milwaukee M18 fuel Combo Kit

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Combo Kit keeps all the high quality tools for delivering a satisfactory output. Here, we’ll show you some of those important parts of it.

  1. Brushless Motor: You know this drill is cordless and the power comes from the motor placed at the upper backside. Like the other top class brushless motors, it uses a circuit board and sensor. So this motor will automatically determine the amount of power for performing a certain action. Another advantageous aspect of such a motor is that you’ll not have to do a single work for the maintenance of it.
  2. High Torque & RPM: Needless to say the Torque and RPM determine the drilling speed all the time. RPM is the rotation of the drill bit and it is directly related to drilling speed. Here the fastening and peak torque is of the highest speed, and the RPM speed is also high- 2000 RPM. This rotation speed is more than enough to run any kind of drilling function whatever it is.
  3. Convenient Runtime: For having two batteries in this best drill machine, you’ll get extended runtime. “Lithium Ion Battery” is the cell composition of these batteries and that’s why you’ll get much improved service. There’s no need to buy batteries as the sent package will include these. Due to the LED light at the front side, you may work in the dark area conveniently.
  4. Durability: Ensuring military grade durability, the manufacturers manufactured every part of it. For such durability, 5 Years longer “tool warranty” is available here. You may use this drill machine as a hammer drill, like- drilling concrete materials. For sure you’ll not experience any complexity in using it in different places, and for drilling different materials.

Last utterance on Milwaukee 2997-22

You’ll get all the customer friendly features and improved qualities in this machine. If you’re a newbie, some options may seem confusing to you. But, after some days of using you’ll not experience such. Surely, you’ll be able to enjoy the utmost convenience using this machine all the time. Certainly, you’ll find it effective in all kinds of drilling functions. If everything is okay, you may order the Milwaukee 2997-22 today. If you want to check more reviews, feel free to visit here for the 11 best drill sets.