8 Menswear Trends to Emerge From This Summer’s Digital Season


Owing to the pandemic, designers showcased their summer menswear collections on digital platforms rather than on the ramp. Magazine looks were replaced by look-books and modeling shows by live streams.

This season the menswear has been designed keeping in view, not just the hot weather but also the preferences that consumers have built with regards to the pandemic. Of course, shorts and khaki pants remain in demand but an increased liking has developed for activewear that complements the work-from-home lifestyle. Let’s have a look at some of the menswear trends that have emerged from this summer’s digital season.

1#. Shackets

Shackets are a surprising trend in menswear fashion 2021. This blend of a jacket and the oversized shirt is the perfect layering piece to add to your wardrobe this season. It can be worn during daytime as well as nighttime. Wear it indoors when the air conditioners of the mall, office or home are making the place too cold for you. Similarly, you can wear them when you head out at night and the temperature falls. You can also pack it along for your hiking expeditions. It is an extremely versatile item and will make you look stylish regardless of what time you wear it and which place you wear it to.

2#. Pink

Pink is unarguably the most highlighted color in menswear fashion this year. All shades of pink were seen in the summer collections of different designers; rose pink however was the most evident.

There are many ways to highlight the color in men’s summer looks. You can incorporate it into your activewear looks by simply wearing a light pink-colored hoodie in the shade of your choice. You could also wear pink flip-flops or sneakers for a casual look. Printed pink trunks would be great for vacation wear. And if you wish to wear this trend classically, simply wear a nice pink T-shirt.

3#. Fleece Outfits

Fleece is generally associated with keeping you warm but this season’s menswear has brought about a twist to wearing this fabric. The collections consist of fleece shorts and light hoodies, and sweatshirts without sleeves. That’s right. Don’t wish to spend your money on the new arrivals? No problem; you can simply use your old sweatsuit, cut the sweats in the length you want, and pair them with a hoodie.

If you want a head-to-toe fleece look, you could go for a set that has fleece shorts, or joggers with a nice and light zip-up top. Zip it up when it’s a little windy and take it off when it gets hot. Fleece joggers are lightweight and breathable hence a perfect choice for a sunny day.

4#. Ripped Denim Jeans

Ripped jeans are still going strong this summer so get ready to plunge into all shades of denim. You can wear the light color versions during the daytime and keep the darker ones for your evenings out.

5#. Lightweight Polo Shirts

Lightweight polo shirts are back in fashion this summer and you can find a great variety of breathable materials. Their cotton-like texture makes them easy to wear anywhere, be it an office or a golf course. Also, since the fabric is anti-odor and antimicrobial, it is your best bet on brutally hot days.

6#. Lightweight Pants

You could wear shorts for the entire summer season but that would be too boring. And when you need to attend a more formal gathering, it wouldn’t look nice if you step out with your hairy calves. So get some comfortable lightweight summer pants that give you a neat and clean look. The latest variety of summer pants give the feel of sweatpants, except you won’t sweat in them.

7#. Short-Sleeved Shirts.

Patterned short sleeves are very much in fashion. However, there are certain rules to wearing them in summer; they should be light and breezy. You obviously wouldn’t want to wear hugging sleeves in the scorching sun.

8#. Comfort Joggers

Comfort joggers are also a popular menswear trend this summer. Choose light fabrics like recycled polyester as those are wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking, and durable. They will keep you dry, fresh, and comfortably stylish in the summer heat.