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Medical Instruments

Many manufacturers are not focusing on the disposal and the recycling of medical instruments, that all activities they leave on the final consumers like hospitals, but this process which is done by the end-users offering new gate for the opportunities in terms of cost-saving and material resourcing, further these activities lead to form a new business plan and its associated new line of businesses chain.

Many of the hospitals are also on board to begin this new journey because of many pressures of cost and investments at their domains as well, as due to current pandemic the situation where disposal rate become high so this need to be covert in to gain from the loss.

1. Confusion in state of mind

That recycling and reusing material has two different schools of thought one is to save cost and make sure to reuse the best possible medical instruments either from metal or plastic or a combination of that two because in the medical industry high-quality products are mostly mandatory no low or normal the material used,

So if the high quality of the material is used why need to discard it instead to recycle it even in the short term use or long term, the second thought is about taking care of patients with infections and viruses which could be possible if reuse or recycling material used in manufacturing so for that high profile manufacturers are worried like Medqo LLC, to find some the way for it.

2. Recycling Categorization

After several debates and discussions during the pandemic many health care sector subdomains from manufacturing medical instruments to hospitals put of some solutions, how to process ecosystem for the health care industry otherwise high rate of disposal is not good for hospitals survival and if hospitals budgets and inventory are gone under budgets it will be highly alarming for the overall the health system, population, and manufacturers like Medqo LLC, so they decide some categorization strategies for this process.

3. Direct Contacted material

Under the discussion, it has been recommended those medical instruments or materials either from metal or plastic under direct contact with the patients they should need to process for any other industry by remelting process under high pressure and heat which will lead to killing germs and infections that will make that all material harmless for other use of industry and it will give a good amount to hospitals for better survival.

4. Indirect Contacted Material

Whereas indirect contacted material is concern like PCBA, wires and other that kind of things should need to reuse after a process of disinfection with electrical cleaning liquids, that kind of materials can be reusable for the industry of manufacturers like Medqo LLC,

it is good for both sides to get win solution because industries getting more material for reuse at a low cost and hospitals getting more funds to get cost saving on the long survival during the disposal issue of a pandemic.

5. Refurbishing for selected products

As refurbishing is not possible for all the devices or medical instruments this can apply to some devices which mostly in the use of hospitals but kept away from patient’s interaction like digital monitors, air conditioners and other similar kind of things, buy doing proper disinfection process which applicable for particular categories can be reusable to some extend which also led to cost-saving.

6. Manufacturers Focus

Most medical instruments manufacturers focus on the sale and get fast revenue they believe refurbishing making the issue for them to survive in a new market as many new technologies are coming if remain with same technology can’t give them more profit and high volume of sales which is also a hurdle for them, further refurbish not giving them high profits even with the same effort on its sale because old is old and also has no lifetime guarantee.

7. Limitation of Hospitals

As hospitals have very limited scope they can’t categories so many medical instruments or one item in so many parts to let them disposable for different industrial reuse, this is a hard and scrap handling and a dis-mantling job which is not easy for any outsider industry to left core job and does that kind of other activities, for this job hospital need to hire another team which will be high in cost at another hand if outside industries like third parties do that job so they have no much benefit to taking all the margin and benefits will be absorbed.

8. Environmental Issue

This is also a big challenge if material, medical instruments, devices, and other healthcare-related things not able to reuse or can’t do recycling of that in proper manner and control of infection how to dispose of them, dumping at any unpopulated area also dangerous many infected items, several viruses at the same place can lead to high disaster for the environment, so for that reason somehow recycling and reusing of many materials is mandatory otherwise have to face many other types of pandemics in many different ways.

9. Government Control

It seems where the healthcare sector and manufacturers of medical instruments and other private bodies unable to solve this the issue for that kind of matter government intervention is mandatory because this is not a matter between manufacturer and hospitals is the matter of the whole country or whole world environment, higher the scrap dumping and not using a lead high risk of different infections, for that government-generated controlling regulatory body for handling discarding scrap and usable products which will be beneficial for hospitals and manufacturers like Medqo LLC.

10. Some up

Here we can say that in that matter no proper way to recycling and reusing of devices after the pandemic world is still blurred because the virus is still uncontrollable in terms of its transmitting,

So for that sector, every side needs to understand the situation positively and need to add some share to make sure proper disposal and reusing where safely possible otherwise this will affect the whole manufacturing of medical instruments in near future even to Medqo LLC, because at some point disposal not possible due to limited area of dumping so need to follow and adopt the ecosystem with proper recycling to get a proper solution.