Mediamark partners are with Gumtree


Gumtree, an online classification website, and media solutions to media, radio, digital, event and TV media channels combine to offer advertisers a unique service.

According to media reports in the media, Warren Ravinsky, the site is prepared specifically for the brand so that the purchase information is prepared and details of the details are detailed.

"We know that more than 50 million South Africans are buying and responding to the products, why they are buying, selling and exploring. Also, these audiences are the entire representative of the South African population in the context of a demographic and economic division." Ravinsky.

Ravensky said that the ideal partner to offer the unique value of the discount for Mediamark subscribers. "The Midlander has a strong relationship with the main occupants of South Africa, they represent multiple media and brands that serve qualified audiences across the country," he said.

Mediamark MD Werner Lindman said, "Medium is looking forward to a dynamic team and partnership with a broken brand, which is an icon of South Africa still going strong."

Lindemann says, "With Gumtree's huge reach and deep-targeting skills in the South African Internet market, Mediamark's current channel and audience offer, providing our advertisers with the right solutions to meet our marketing needs, our position in a unique position."

Ravensky said, "There is no other platform that can create many opportunities to combine customized audiences as a perception. You can talk to the audience based on the actual search criteria: for example, the search price range (R350) for the discovery of the Landrover, 000 to R450 000) and behavior [Send a Dealership Advertisement Land Rovers] to a question, non above all. Information is more detailed, well. "

"There is a reason that many advertisers show interest in the class. Users are not able to read or entertain the subject in the Pacific, they are actively browsing for products, responding to advertisements and comparing prices."

"These users are able to buy very specific categories and prepare for them, it allows us to identify specific audience parts, sell their packages and advertisers," he adds.

Head of Digital Mark Botha of Digital Media said, "Customers are looking for creative solutions to their marketing challenges, and it is good for this large and this amount of targeted skill, media and vendor with viewers to give it to these huge audiences of clients and to engage with them. Work hard to help understand the best way. "

"This partnership is a game changer, not just for Gumtree and Mediamak, but for the South African advertising industry," said Robinsky.