Marketing Minutes: Three reasons why holidays and trends are so important


We are always called to be our own person, jump over bandwagons and do not mar the beat of our own drum. This argument works in life only. But your marketing can increase your living by acknowledging on the national holiday. And also have to has a news on the trends during the marketing.

Here are three reasons why you should give an apology to mum and serious holidays and trends.

1. Relativity: People know people they love, and people with whom they can relate to doing business. If you are celebrating National Pet Adaptation Day or you are a customer rescued. Then you can have an instant connection. Those links may be stronger year after year. Because most of the buying decisions making, a feeling someone has their “gut.” Your customers can help you improve their gut feeling about you.

2. Join: When you can add your subscribers to the conversation. Then you are winning, it relates to the business, it does not matter. If you are celebrating National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. And you can fill a comment thread full of grandmothers ‘cookie recipe. Fell you are cementing your brand into customers’ psychology and creating positive associations

3. Tooth Up: If you are Laurel or Janny then you can not see Royal Wedding. And if you can put a name someone on the pop culture up to date Open golfers. If you care about your customers, they see if they live in the same world. Is. This is essential, especially in our industry. Especially who know your most relevant and modern tools and products to meet your needs. You can draw parallels to the trending things you know.