What Is Mailer Boxes | How It Benefits You?

Mailer boxes

Mailer boxes provide an excellent opening experience and are great for companies that sell online. Here are some mailer box designs to create a lasting first impression.

Mailer boxes can be a fantastic packaging option to package more oversized and even minor items, as many subscription boxes offer. The primary purpose behind the mailer box is to ship the products to customers securely and securely.

However, they could also promote a successful marketing strategy for the company even before the consumer gets to see the product inside.

Introduction to Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are a popular option for subscription boxes and e-commerce companies since they are intended to store and deliver items. In addition, the interlocking flaps and wings allow the assembly process to be more straightforward and keep the box safe, not applying adhesive tape every time to secure the box. Another reason that it is the most popular choice for a large number of subscription boxes is that its double-sided walls make it more robust and resistant to transportation compared to other kinds of packaging made from paper.

There are several types of mailer boxes on the market:

  1. Essential mailer boxes with wings are among the most well-known kinds of mailer boxes out there.
  2. Mailer boxes with an adhesive strip and tears striped adhesives to mailer boxes to facilitate sealing. The tear strip makes it easy for opening.
  3. Mailer boxes that do not have wings similar to the standard mailer box but without wings on the side.

The choice of which model you select will depend on the look and feel you’d like to achieve and the functionality.

Mailer Box Design

A well-designed and attractive mailer box will improve the buyer’s experience and can even draw your customers’ focus to your merchandise inside. This is why the design and style of your box play a crucial part. There are many possibilities for personalizing your mailer boxes to reflect your brand’s character truly! Below is an assortment of ideas you can draw as inspiration when creating your mailer boxes.

custom mailer boxes

Kraft Mailer Boxes

Kraft materials are a sought-after addition due to the ease of use they provide in packaging various kinds of goods. They also are environmentally friendly because they are constructed of premium pine materials that are recyclable. They are also ecologically safe. They are sturdy and durable enough to ensure the safe preservation and transport of the products within them.

For More Custom Mailer Boxes – The Ideal Box for Shipping Your Products

Packaging Inserts

Customized inserts can be helpful when a product has to be secured and provide the packaging with an additional level of security. Certain products, leading cosmetics, can be fragile, and therefore, such packaging is ideal. Custom-made inserts must be designed to fit the dimensions and form of the product and how much space is available in the container.


One way to give an individual touch is by labeling – whether as seals inside the box or an informational label placed on the exterior inside the container. The stickers can provide an appealing aesthetic and educate consumers about the product’s name, brand, and use if they are used as labels. In addition, a few brands may think of including a few cut-out stickers for customers to adhere to their objects as an heirloom or as a memorable present by the company!

Convey Your Brand’s Message

Mailer boxes are blank, which allows brands to create their designs. With distinctive sides for this box, plenty of space to express their ideas. It could include writing a personal message to every customer, printing their company’s logo and a slogan, or printing some images. Are you using environmentally friendly packaging? What better way to inform your customers!

Brown Kraft and White Cardstock Material

While some people may prefer beautiful and fancy designs that make a statement, some may prefer a minimalist design, like simple kraft or white. The simple choice is ideal for those who want to convey their values as a brand that are correlated with simplicity and minimalism, or for those who prefer their clients’ primary focus to be focused on the product inside.

shipping boxes

Double-sided Box Printing

Utilizing packaging’s interior to showcase other products available from the brand and providing relevant information on the use or purchase of the product is an excellent method to increase the value you can get through your packaging and product.

With this knowledge and information about mailer boxes, you’ll now be able to determine whether a mailer box is appropriate for your product and, if yes, what steps you’d prefer to take in designing and tailoring it to match your brand! If you’re only beginning and don’t know how to locate low-cost, high-quality packaging, find the best custom box manufacturing company on Google to receive a quick price for packaging projects.

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