Long Form Vs Short Form Content: Which And When To Use?

long form vs short form content

A content length, mostly neglected is a crucial factor that content writing services work upon the most. Because content doesn’t work the same for all, while some are able to generate good traffic with short content, some prefer long content to rank better. Hence, it’s one of the significant aspects to work upon as a digital marketer or entrepreneur.

Requirement Of Content Writing Services In The Digital World

Content writing services are bridging the gap through content creation. The first and pivotal change seen is in connectivity. The world now is more connected than ever before. While it all could be possible via technology and digitalization, content in any form is the thread that connects you with the world.

 When Should You Create Long-Form Content And Short-Form Content?

As debated, the length of the content depends on where and how it is used. Generally, the length for short content varies between 500-800 words, whereas, for long content, it is up to 1000 words. For some, it can be up to 1500 words also.

Now, let’s move forward to the main discussion that is when you should create long/short-form content.

Well, there are no specific principles to decide the length of the content. Thus, you can brainstorm and find a suitable length for each content.

 Know Your Customer

Before composing any content, you should know who is your target audience. It will help you decide the quantity of information, and based on that; you can choose the form you want to publish content.

The interest of your customers

Well, if you analyze the insights, you can make a fair guess as to what type of content is liked most or viewed most. Further, you can also find the content that creates more conversions.

Customers who are knowledge-savvy will read your 1000 words blog with interest. On the contrary, customers who have less interest will not have an anthem conversion reading such a lengthy blog.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Long/Short Content?

Since the utility varies, the pros and cons of content also vary. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of both types of content.


  1. Long-form content usually ranks better on the search engine. In comparison, short content may disappear soon after the new content comes in.
  2. The numbers of keywords are higher, which also keeps it on the search engine for a long time. In contrast, short content targets specific users with specific keywords.
  3. Long-form content can earn more backlinks that result in better page performance and rankings. In comparison, short content can also hike the page ranking if it offers valuable content.
  4. Long-form content also has a higher possibility of increasing the conversion rates as the content is dedicated to the reader’s interest and adds knowledge. But it’s not always true because many users demand crisp and valuable content.
  5. Lengthy content helps in building a voice for your brand or business. On the other hand, short content keeps customers aware and attached to your business.

Also, pay attention to the cons

  1. Long-form content requires more time for a content writer to research and analyze, and then compose the content.
  2. A large financial investment is needed in long-form content while, in short-form content, it is comparatively cheap.
  3. Not all users may like to read the lengthy content and leave the page halfway. This, in return, can affect your bounce rate.
  4. Long-form content needs better graphics and space. Thus, if it is not optimized properly, it may cause a blunder on the cross-platform.
  5. Short-form content is not always favorable to provide complete details. The writer either skips the important information or creates complex content.

Considering the pros and cons, you can hire content writing services in the USA. They offer all types of services, such as academic writing services, web content, and others.

Final words

We hope you have understood the contest of using long and short-form content. Both types of content are essential but have different utilities. If you are facing difficulty in generating organic traffic or sales, consider approaching content writing services. You can also connect with us. We have experienced writers who are well versed with writing tactics and the demand for content.

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