Liz Truss with a clear attack on cabinet colleagues


A Treasury Minister has demanded extra money for their department of a clear-cut speech who has attacked cabinet colleagues.

Lease Tras said, "should be picked" step by step for big budget, promoting NHS as "one-stop". Defense Secretary Gov. Williamson and Home Secretary Sajid Javed blamed for additional cash. SMT Parrot also took a spontaneous visit to Michael Gove on the environmental secretary's planned crackdown on wood burners.

"Very often we do not drink too much drink, drink too much donut, drink from a cup of disposable cups, or enjoy the warm brightness of our wood yard ... I'm talking about Stove," he said in a speech at the London School of Economics.

"I can see their point: The Department of Environment has enough hot air and smoke."

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Former Minister Ed Viez told the BBC Radio 4's Tudi Program that he achieved the goal of achieving his goals with "complete frontal attack" Mr. Gawake.

The Prime Minister criticized Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson for weakening the Voices Prime Minister Thérésa Macke, saying that the government "shook the snake back" after coming down on "Breed".

Analysis by BBC Political Reporter Laura Kuenssberg

Brexit rival Tory group has been driving crazy for many, many months. A minority government is very difficult to corral them. Even the hacks do not always lead to raising a pencil that does not stop talking about the wrong ideas of their opposition parties.

But with that whip in overdrive, the government is achieving the most important purpose of obtaining its business through parliament, although that unrest has been fueled in an atmosphere where party discipline seems to break.

Yet the cabinet may sometimes have the appearance of chaos where there is no need. Defense Secretary Gov. Williamson said that the Prime Minister could "break" the Prime Minister if his demand for additional money was not met from the beginning of the latest conflict in the resignation of the Prime Minister.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid demands more money for the police budget after the health secretary Jeremy Hunt inaugurated a £ 20bn increase in funds for the NHS.

Mrs. Truce, who was second in command of Chancellor Philip Hammond, returned to an article in The Daily Telegraph, telling his colleague cabinet colleagues "It is not Moscow to demand more money".

"It is very difficult - and people are perfect - demand good values for money". He went on to accuse them of "not clear with the public about their proposed high-spending tax impact".

Speaking at the London School of Economics, he said that the budget of 20 billion pounds annually for the NHS will not be copied anywhere in the UK by 2023, announced by the Prime Minister last week.

"My work to my colleagues is that additional costs will be reduced - perhaps - we will have to move towards additional taxation and we should be honest when we discuss this."

"Need to keep them as low tax as possible."

Mrs. Trash's remarks echo the former Minister George Freeman, who said that if conservatives are in danger of losing the next election, they would promise unnecessary expenditure.

He said, "We are sending Congress to the process of Congress ministers and briefing them on the Prime Minister and not beating them in the initial stages".

The government still does not seem to pay extra money for the NHS, although Mrs. Meyer has been instructed that she has to make a contribution and overall "tax burden" will increase.

Before deciding to allocate the Department of Depository Year in the coming year, Hemand will set the general public spending structure by the year 2020 in this autumn budget.

Many lawmakers want defense spending as part of GDP to increase from at least 3% to at least 2% in the face of increasing threats with Russia.