Legal Attitudes: Can the term expire in UAE?


Q: My company has appointed me in the two-year employment contract, which has been extended by mutual consent of the employer and the employee. The Employment Contract has ruled a notice period of two months for its termination. One of my colleagues resigned from their job by working for a month’s notice, which was not accepted by the employer, because he did not work for his scheduled two-month notice. As a colleague, he has found a new job and has reduced the possibility of security, because the employer will not wait for two months to start a new employment for him. Can the employer legally extend his work for one month if he wishes to pay the rest of the month?


According to your counsel, she does not provide notice for termination by her employment contract for the willingness to compensate your fellow employer, her company may force her to issue a full notice, such as with the Federal Act No. 8 paragraph 119 of 1980 Employment relationship in the United Arab Emirates (‘Employment Law’). It says, “An employer or employee fails to give notice to the other party to terminate a contract or reduce the tenure of the notice, but to give notice, the compulsory party has to pay compensation to the other party, which is called ‘compensation notice instead’, even such failure Or the reduction may not be biased towards the other party. Note that the full-time notice or by that time In respect of compensation, compensation will be made equivalent to the employee’s wages, instead of the notice, on the basis of compensation, the calculation will be calculated based on the fees received in the last month, which is paid on monthly, weekly, daily or hourly or depending on the rate of the money. Average daily remuneration mentioned in 57.

Depending on the project sponsored by the Employment Law, your colleague’s employer will not have to force him to expire the notice, such as an employment agreement.

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If an employer or employee fails to give notice to the other party to cancel the contract or reduces the notice period, then the party will give compensation to the other party, called “compensation instead of a notice” for giving notice, even as there is no bias towards any other party due to such failure or decrease. .