Kaala Film Reviewed by Rajinikanth that Takes On the Land Mafia


Rajinikanth actor said, “Banana Moni Ratnam” reminded me of Nayagan in the 1980s. When “Ratnam Kamal Hassan” goes away from his Tamil Nadu village as a young boy, then Bombay, Rajinikanth, Karyakalan or Kali comes back from Tamil Nadu to Mumbai's Dhabi hobo - finally becomes a don. Like Hashan, with a brilliant heart, in a do-well-timer unfortunate accident for his brothers, he brutally beat powerful politician Harinath; he played with the extraordinary power and punching of Naya Potekar, in Nayagan, Vellu Najar's life seems to be close.

However, in the contrast to Naagan, Ranjit's film gradually became a land struggle, gradually resulting in a huge number of horrific incidents due to his relationship with the occupier, the police, and the politicians. Their bodies and humble homes are bleeding to save, Dholaki's men run by kaala, others face a tragedy, they play a brave role, after a tragedy that often goes helplessly and frustrated. But the voice and determination of Coke - even facing his personal loss - inspire his men and women to continue a struggle whose end may only be expected.

Ranjit raised romantic elements in his story: Humayun played the role of Kaushik (presently his wife Selvi's story written by Ishari Rao in his marriage story), because Jerena returned to the rape after many years (where she grew up) as the voice of the time reminded of Kaler Kantho Given that the government was destroying it, and reconstruction with plus, modern flat Said. But Coal is able to understand her husband's lover, who understands her now ("Our land is our life, we will never be part of it, she will never be a partner with her) and show strong sincerity towards her personal feelings in protest of the arrogance of Harinath. 60 and old age, must have a point.

In 167 minutes, Kala could liberally torture her, but the most reliable friend of Kallol, Samuthirkani, and the daughter-in-law of the daughter's daughter, saw the actor some wonderful bits a few days ago with a completely different avatar of Sri Lankan director Pataña Vithaniz, without you, on the other side of the movie Lift up In fact, both Samantrikani and Patilak surprised Rajinikanth. Even where we see Patkar and Rajinikanth together, there is clearly a high hand in there.

Obviously, Rajinikanth awakens, almost loudly - or thinks - in the film itself repeats the film afterward. We saw the same Dawn in Kabadi, a movie where Ranjit promised us to come back to Rajinikanth, whose first films have found his talent, a brightness disappeared in a fog of fraud. There is not much to do in Kala, merciful, but surely Rajinikanth has come as an actor who has lost the ability to empower his audience. Although not surprisingly, how long an artist can get in the same type of character in a cabal and a boot underworld don, a dhoti-shirt-cut Kayal which is in his latest outing, the body in his songs tells us a story which is very loud.

Patekar with full white, purportedly, fortunately, portraying (see the scene at the end when the verses from the Ramayana are being read in Harinath's bungalow), and Rajinikanth is attired in black, color combo is clearly a world where we are often confused Harinath says to his grandfather Kala Ravana, but when small When the girl meets with herself, she becomes mild. "I'm glad you did not kill him", he would look at Harinath, who kept his polished sword on the table by separating two of his opponents.

Undoubtedly, Kabhii is a better effort than Kabali, but it is not saying that Rajinikanth is still being invited to play a hero who is going to be bigger than a living, even if he has a physical structure that does not match perfectly with his screen persona. He looks so perfect in the scene after the scene. Surely, the superstar himself will be tired of looking at his opponent, and Rajiv is also stuck with men who are already ready to fall even before striking their ground!