J&K Governor’s Twitter handle receives complaints of alleged wrongdoings in Mufti government

Two weeks after taking oath as the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Governor NN Vorara’s official Twitter handle has received allegations of corruption. And other wrongdoing against the previous PDP-BJP alliance government.
After the BJP left the government, Mufti was exonerated from the post of Prime Minister. The state government on 19th June the Twitter handle was established. The governor, via Twitter, has received complaints about things which were considered dead and cemetery.
The complaints received from the Twitter handle @ jndekgovarnara range from Mufti. He was removed from the Super Specialty SKMS Hospital. The former speaker was appointed as governor council member and the doctor of BJP leader Kabinder Gupta, who was appointed by Peter Door.
PDP’s Youth President Wahid-ur-Rehman Para, who is working as Secretary of the JK State Sports Council. There are allegations of ‘coordination’ of 250 people in different government departments and public sector initiatives.
“Former CM Sahiba (Mehbooba) destroyed Sky MMS and violated all the rules. That was nominated by nomination paper as a member of In-service Professor (GM governing body). Then those who were disappointed, my resignation was compulsory, 4 others’ promotion of the study.
Another Twitter user came to the governor’s notice, a spokesman for the PTD session, who recently revolted against the Mufti,
“Wahid-ur-Rehman Parra is given a quota of 250 seats. He coordinates his nearest and balance in JK Bank, JKP, Youth Services and Sports and other departments.” Ansari said, “We are requesting the governor for an immediate investigation commission,” Syed Ishfaq wrote.
Under the National Health Mission, Pawan Sharma brought dawn notice for the appointment of Charu Gupta of Kunder Gupta’s daughter as a dental surgeon.
“There is no notification, filling with special (blue) blue, and here the general public will have to rush before breaking down to get a single job, hopefully, you will open this case,” said Sharma.
The official’s office, through the official Twitter handle, told all these complainants that a report was sought from the respective departments. A Twitter user from Jammu asked the governor to register Rohingya refugees for national security.
“Sir, please register the Rohingyas in the Jammu region. So that they can do the protection of their country in the west. Their temporary refugee cards are not monitored by their activities. Otherwise, they will be submerged in anti-India activities.” Now, writes Pritiba Koal
Another user brought the morning’s notice that the pictures of the Amarnath pilgrims made a line to answer in the welfare of the kind. That’s going forward to the Baltal base camp on the banks of the Red Lake.
Here the pictures became intense in social media and many netizens called upon the pilgrims to become aware of the need to protect the environment before leaving the pilgrimage.
A twitter user governs the governing department and other agencies “Alentine Leaf Bloch” – wanted to be concerned about tackling a fungal disease – the gardens of Annalnag district.
Visionary attention is drawn to the incident occurring in Walton’s plantation genocide, without the approval of the authorities located in Badgam district and in spite of fewer than 10 kilometers of Burdwan, there are accidents in Bamina area. From the Civil Secretary – State Government seats.
In this case, also, the written report related to the governor’s office complainant has been sought from the concerned department concerned. Although some observers believe that the governor’s governance is more than the elected government, more people are blamed on the consequences of directly reaching the Raj Bhavan.
“We see what steps the governor takes on these charges … how wrong the decision is in reverse, especially in the field of recruitment.” Otherwise, we have seen these liability practices in the past but have not taken any action, “said a resident of Srinagar, Shahid Ahmed.