Japanese long breathing exercises are actually a simple weight loss technique

Young woman in nadi shodhana pranayam pose against floor window
Think fast how to reduce weight? This two-minute Japanese long-breathed mood loses 13kg in a few weeks. Japanese actor Mikey Rice has made popular. More oxygen in this method helps in breathing, thus burning more fat.
When we think of launching a diet, we usually assume that we have to eat fat-rich foods. But have you ever heard of Japanese long-term diet? This is actually a breathing strategy which has nothing to eat what you eat.
There is a little history behind this famous technique. Japanese actress Mikki Ryskek, who was drowning from back pain, asked the doctors to give up some relief. While exercising, she does not realize that it helps to enjoy stomach ache, it only helps to lose about 13 kgs in a few weeks.
This method involves inhaling for three seconds and exhaling for seven seconds. According to Rousseau, when we breathe we have oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. But oxygen enters the greasy cell and often divides them into other parts - "more oxygen in your body uses your burnt fat".
How to do it:
  • Hold one foot forward and stand still with another one backpack.
  • Transfer your weight to your hip strain and your back foot.
  • Lift your arms above your head and start for three seconds.
  • The final step is warming your body muscles for seven seconds.