iPhone Repair: Dos and Don’ts Before Visiting Service Centre?

iPhone Repair
iPhone Repair

The iPhone is not easier to fix. If it gets damaged, you have to take the help of experienced professionals to get it working again. As accidental issues are not covered by Apple’s limited warranty, you can contact a reputable third-party service center for iPhone repair. It is likely to have the expertise and the equipment needed to do a top-notch job.

In France, companies have to inform consumers about a product’s reparability score. This enables them to find out whether their devices are easier to fix or not. Apple has given iPhone 12 models a score of 6.0 out of 10, while iPhone 11 and its variants have received 4.5 to 4.6. These scores indicate that iPhones are not easy to repair, and you cannot watch a DIY online tutorial and fix the damaged phone yourself. Professional expertise is needed.

But you cannot trust all the technicians who claim to do top-notch iPhone repair jobs in your city. You have to first make sure that they are qualified and well-trained. You can do that by calling a service center’s customer support and ask, “How many years of iPhone repair experience do your technicians have?” If they are experienced, and the center offers a warranty on almost all repairs, you can trust them with your device.

Here are a few Dos and Don’ts that you need to follow before visiting a service center.

What You Should Not Do when going for iPhone Repair

  • Immediately visit the nearest service center: If you encounter a problem, do not immediately visit a service center, and do not visit one because it is near your house. You must first determine whether a center is reliable and safe.
  • Do not pry open your iPhone: You should not try to pry open your iPhone to check what is wrong. If you do that, you might end up further damaging your device.
  • Do not plug in your water-damaged device: You should not try to plug in your water-damaged phone to see whether it is working or not. If you do that, it might become a burned toast.
  • Do not swipe your finger across the cracked screen: You should not move your finger across the cracked screen. Your finger might suffer cuts.
  • Do not start shopping for a new phone: It might be tough to manage your work and personal lives without your iPhone. So when it stops working, or one of its parts gets damaged, you might start looking for a new device. Do not do that if you have no plans to invest in a new phone. First, you must take it to a service center, as a lot of issues are repairable. Once technicians solve a problem, your device will perform as well as new.

What you should do when going for iPhone Repair

  • Search:  When you encounter a problem, look for a reputable and reliable service center in your city. Search engines such as Google can help you in your search to find one. You can seek recommendations from your friends and family members who are also iPhone users. And read online reviews, browse service centers’ websites, and check the social media accounts of the service centers. When you do that, you get an idea about a center’s repair quality.
  • Contact Customer Support: When you find a service center that is most likely to meet your expectations, call its customer support and find out details related to the experience of its technicians, repair policy, turnaround time, and the estimated repair cost.
  • Ensure the service center uses genuine parts and the right tools and follows the right protocol: Without Apple-approved tools and repair protocol, it would be hard even for very experienced technicians to do an effective iPhone fixing job. And genuine parts are central to high-quality repairs. You have to make sure that your chosen service center for iPhone repair is well-equipped. It should have the right equipment, genuine parts, and the latest know-how. Information related to them can be found on the website of the service center.
  • Book an appointment in advance: Reputable service centers usually receive a high volume of repair requests. If you visit such a center without a prior appointment, you might have to wait for hours to hand over your device at the front desk. So, you should book an appointment in advance and enter the center a few minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Remove the case, SIM card, and other unnecessary accessories: Technicians do not need the SIM card and phone case during the repair process. Remove them and other not-needed accessories before handing over your iPhone to repair technicians.

Your city might have more than a couple of well-known third-party service centers for iPhone repair. You need to choose the best one and visit it after ensuring that it can indeed fix your beloved phone right the first time.

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