Indonesia Ferry Disaster: Leban Toba Captain Captain


Indonesian police sources arrested a ferry captain in Lake Toba and declared three dead and 190 missing.

The terrible thing to be the most deadly maritime accident in Indonesia broke on Monday. It was licensed for only 60 passenger transport. It was run without a public ticket, so finding them on the board was difficult.

The police say they are still unable to question the captain because he got hurt. The world's largest volcanic lake was busy to celebrate the annual Eid holiday in the Toba Tables. While the ferry was in bad weather.

Police said on Thursday that 193 people, including children, are afraid to be ineffective. Officials are dependent on survival and reports from families of missing relatives, they added.

Many victims seem to be trapped inside the ship, the police say.

"This is a test of God for our family," Fajar Alamsyah doll, whose brother is among Bagas Pram Ananta missing passengers, told BBC News Indonesian.

"He entered the ship when the ship was sinking and could not find out. The ferry became angry, his friend was on deck and the time had been jumpy for getting help from other road ferries."

The Indonesian National Search and Rescue Agency earlier said about how many people are surviving. They are saying only 18 survived and three bodies recovered within a few hours of this tragedy. The neighboring families have been waiting for the news from the last day's search.

On Wednesday, the diver and joining an underwater drone search efforts. The group still has to identify wooden ferries below 450 meters (1,500 feet) -Light lake.

According to the official rules, all boats in Indonesia cannot afford. The life jacket for every board member should be.

But the authorities acknowledge that they work in the huge islands of Indonesia. They will work only to fight for all boats. The National Committee for Transportation Safety said something. They said, due to 40% of Indonesian boat crash, people have flawed and only 12% due to bad weather.