In China, a medical maestro like US consulate workers has increased


A crisis on US diplomats and their families threatening a mysterious disease - which began in Cuba and recently appeared in China - on Wednesday, state divides out at least two American Americans from China.

US consulate workers in South Korea's Guangzhou came out and their colleagues and family members were examining a medical team in the State Department. It is not clear how many signs it expresses, but on Wednesday evening, a State Department spokesman said that "some more people" were sent to the United States for further testing.

For months, the US officials were concerned that their diplomats have been targeted for the strange voices, resulting in "symptoms of a sensational or harmful traumatic brain injury".

The lawsuit in China has expanded a medical mystery that began in 2016, when the American embassy staff and their family members start to get sick in Havana, when. Of all, 24 of them are hearing sounds strange after a headache, nausea, hearing, cognitive problems and other symptoms. The matter has been severed with Cuba, which has promptly been suspected and has led the United States to expel Cuban diplomats.

But Americans like Guangzhou are now showing similar signs, American officials suspect that other countries, perhaps China or Russia may be the cause of blame.

Ensuring strong relations with both countries on the issues of economic, political and security issues that are already strong. Russia has agreed to intervene in the 2016 US presidential election, the trade dispute has spread to China, and US officials are afraid that China will seal ties with North Korea before a top conference with President Trump next week.

Chinese New Aid Coming A few weeks later, American officials have reported their first case in Guangzhou, where a consulate worker has become ill. Some American officials in this city live in other foreign and wealthy Chinese-filled apartment complexes; That's where sick employees were under abnormal words.

However, it is still unclear whether the illness is the result of the attack at all times. Other theories also contain toxic substances, listening devices, which are also known to cause accidental harmful words or even massive heart disease.

This spring spread in China when the first employee became ill and they were afraid when the government feared uncomfortable sickness to warn other employees about medical treatment. So far this week, the nervous symptoms of other employees, his wife, and their two children were displaced after the parents were released, officials said they expect that at least others will be expelled from the country.

The BBC was initially seen in the last week that, before the twentieth century, the State Department initially reported that a person "expressed fine and vague, but unusual, feeling of emotion and pressure".

The Secretary of State Mike Pompo, in a hearing last month, told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that the first American employee in Guangzhou was reported to be sick, "very common and completely specific medical signals that Americans are working in Cuba."

There are about 170 American diplomats or employees in Guangzhou, their family members and a senior US official said that after coming to the country on January 31, the doctors of the president were a small tiny molecule

Officials warn that no final decision was made due to any illness.

Consulate of a Security Engineering Officer Mark A. The latest American employee disappeared from Lanji, Guangzhou. He suffered in recent months from what he described in an interview as a nervous symptom after he left the evening with his wife and two children on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Mr. Pampo said in a statement that the first discovered symptoms in Guangzhou have similarly gained 24 American experiences in Havana. He said that the reason is not yet established.

In China, injured people like Cuba follow the annoying feeling of words and vibrations, which have been described in different ways such as circadian, static, metallic sheets have been plowed or made, in linings, marble rolling around a metal funnel.

After the Cuban disappears, the Cuban expulsion of 15 Cuban diplomats of the Trump administration, Cuban officials, have failed to protect US diplomats. The Cuban government denies any kind of involvement and is asked whether any "attacks" have occurred. American officials are very early considering such a reaction in China, although they have raised it with the Chinese ruler