7 Important SEO Content Writing Tips for Faster Ranking

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of online visibility of any website or a page on the search engine without paying dollars; often it is called natural or organic growth. It helps firms or organization to get more visitors to their website. And if the visitor goes to any website that is top of the search engine then some of the visitors converted into customers. That’s reason SEO friendly article for any website is essential to have more customers to increase sales volume.

Write SEO friendly content:

SEO friendly article means to break down the phrase into its own component to distinguish the pattern and shape of the other article. Writing an article for a blog on a web page requires good skills to make the article interesting and easy to grasp or understand. Many strategies are applying by writers to make primary phrases and keywords in the text including hyperlinks that help to boost the readership of any web page. Read the following steps to learn how to write an SEO friendly article.

Make a perfect title for your content:

Articles should be written in a good format, engaging with the topic and so informative for readers. Writing materials should be applied to a specific or particular topic to take readers attention or deep involvement. A good starting point of writing helps people for reading to be continued. The article should be useful, valuable and entertaining otherwise people may leave out of the topic. A well-written article with good quality content attracts advertisers who are seeking for a good article to put their advertisement. Google search engine is providing great weight based on the perfect title as an important part of an effective SEO friendly content.

Make a list of key phrases & keywords for your article:

This is important so that publisher can use keywords in the metadata of the web page which is including HTML coding. If the article is divided using subheadings then it would be very helpful for the readers and on the other way of Google page ranking. Most of the internet users just skipping reading the whole article because of not having an attractive subheading. So, a good subheading allowing readers to save the article for a long in their bookmark.

Keywords or key phrase referred to the world by which people search on the internet browsers to get their expected or desired information. For example, somebody looking for Lift or Elevator Company to purchase a lift or an elevator to use in their building or business purposes, so what would be the perfect keyword for this? The perfect keyword could be “Best Lift Company” or could be “Best Elevator Company”. If someone searches by this then search engine show up on the top pad list and unpaid list of metadata.

Keywords are recorded or registered by "spiders" which are scripts that search engines send to every page on the Internet. Spiders "crawl" crossways web pages and analyze them for good quality content. Keywords are registering to determine the subject of a page on the way spiders “crawl” working; but they also notice how often each keyword is used, whether a web page is grammatically correct and what type of hyperlinks are there as inbound and outbound. Hyperlinks include a link to another page relevant to the similar web pages or topic.

Start writing your article using most effective keyword:

Give your article a good title. Make sure your article grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes. Divided your article into short paragraphs with subheaders. Use the most searchable keywords on the search engine by that person seeking for information. Use your article keyword in the title first or in the first paragraph. Do not overuse keyword; it’s not good for SEO of any web page. The article should be enjoyable for reading and mostly recommended keyword density is 1-3%. Include the most important keywords in the title and in the subheaders, and possibly make keyword bold or italic. If Google search engine assumes that you used keyword maximum time then web page will be punished for the penguin defense. Just use keywords or phrases once on the 150 to 200 words. The first sentence should have the keyword, it’s better to make the article with starting a question. Make all your keyword visible by bold, it will be as effective on the Google algorithm for scanning the article. Note, similarly the first sentence using the keyword you should use the keyword in the last sentence to emphasize keyword more.

Include hyperlinks in the article for most effective:

Include hyperlinks of another page that is similar to the topic which on you are writing. Highlight the keyword or phrase that you are using in the article. Copy a link or URL to another page and include in the keyword that you are focusing on the topic. Before adding hyperlink just makes sure address is fresh and containing quality information with easy navigation.

Building quality links to your article & share this:

If you have written an article that containing good quality content, you must let the people know through social bookmarking or through social media simply share a link of your article on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter and through email to other friends or interest people to re-share your article. Turning keywords as clickable link allow Google search or another search engine to emphasize the keywords more. If the keyword used most of the search engine then the article ranks up automatically.

Make your links easy to share:

Your content will have a better result or responsive by the Google search engine if it is shared most on the other website. Share your links as you want in the social directory site and make it easy to share so that people get access your links to find out your article. Make your sharing link always public & visible.

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