If you are suffering from diabetes then the perfect diet plan


How does your diet look like diabetes? Most people think that it has to start, it will not have any latent sugar, but it is not something that it has. Modern diet experts agree that we are taking more sugar than our body needs (diabetic or not). Technically, extra sugar is not needed to meet the minimum energy requirements. Because the body transforms proteins and carbohydrate into sugar. Which can be used to revise your dessert alternatives and be aware of gastric drinks, package suices, and secret sugar in Tetra packaged. Juice and carbohydrate. The root of a diabetes diet is an actually glycemic index (GI). On simple terms, GI (55 or less) lowers blood glucose gradually and steadily in the blood pressure, which in turn adjusts the levels of insulin. With high GI Spike insulin production, they immediately release sugar as soon as possible.

Understanding diabetes

Usually, if you think of diabetes, you feel high blood sugar. Before delving into a page from a standard diabetes diet diary, realize that when someone goes into the body. And when someone is caught with the condition. What is the control of the balance of our body sugar is a hormone called insulin. Its main function is to reduce blood cycle levels to 100mg / dealer, which is considered normal.

Sometimes, insulin deficiency or a condition where insulin is not used well. In the pre-diabetic stage or in insulin-resistance, you have a condition where your body is producing insulin so your cells can ignore it. An increase in insulin comes after a meal that is high in a carb-rich diet or GI. Eat pure carbon or sugar and you will grow in the production of insulin. As sugar concentration exceeds 100mg / dl, insulin production rates increase exponentially. "The word that you see 'lights' or 'squamed' or 'low fat' is best avoided because they reduce fat and replace them with carbohydrates. The fat is not bad for the body, actually, it is necessary. If you are looking at your weight, you want to go on a low-fat diet but if you are diabetic then your fat is able to heal the entire system. Bay, "the US-based Dr. erike Berg trainee who specializes in weight loss through nutritional methods, the most popular videos. He questions the method that he wants to depend on for long-term medicines, he believes diabetes can be stable, but you have to change how you can eat.

Their food plan to deal with diabetes

There are three main types of food-fat, protein, and carbohydrate. The correct amount of protein will not be increased in insulin, and fat definitely does not increase its own insulin. A nutritious, rich but low-carb diet works well for most of us, especially those who have diagnosed diabetes. Therefore, the focus of diabetic food should not be cooked with not fewer GI loads but with low GI loads. Instead of working on poverty reduction, find alternatives. Said Delhi-based nutrition consultant Sangita Khanna believes. For example, do not eliminate pasta from your diet. There is a pasta, but it's a fatty and cheesy part of garlic bread instead of it with a fresh salad

Ghee is accompanied by a return and a bang. It is now recognized as one of the healthiest foods. A thick bud with the broth in your Perth or an anesthetic can maintain the balance of the food GI load. So, instead of controlling the use of ghee, the restricted area, instead of controlling it at the temperature. Go to the top which is top with ghee or white butter but stop at a time. "Good fat is essential, carbohydrate should be limited. And should always come from complex carbohydrate sources such as net, fertilizer e vegetables, and whole fruit." The balanced sugar is not a complete number but can be made from alternative daiset fruits and hangs made without any added sugar. Dry fruits, like dried fruit, are also in small portions, "said Khanna.

It is all about glycemic index, a health food delivery service. Food donabiei co-founder and nutritionist Dr. Siddharth Bhagw, agrees. When his team prepares food for diabetics, they make sure that the foods do not increase blood glucose levels. Because the diabetic system is efficiently unable to use this sputum. "Omega-3 (DAEA and EPA) rich foods such as fish oil and Flexaceous oil (buy here) should prevent any cardiovascular disorder in the future. About 20 percent of calorie calories will come from the production. There is better breeding damage where low protein intake recommendations ), "Said Vargov.

According to Gita Ramesh, joint managing director of the Koirala Ayurvedic Group, according to Ayurveda, bitter food for diabetes is good. Kerala topped the bitter list. "Eat fresh food (cooked as soon as possible), avoid overcooked or deep bitter," said Ramesh, who also compiled the Ayurvedic cookbook. In these main points of mind, we have put together a complete plan to help you with your daily, diabetic-healthy diet.

AM synthesis

"Refresh milk powder (buy here) and yellow powder (buy here) and it can be done every morning." The juice of cinnamon juice or amala juice also creates some therapeutic morning drinks for diabetic patients, "Ramesh said.

Breakfast for diabetes

As part of the diabetic diet, a common breakfast may be made of whole eggs cooked with two brown bread or dough in the avocado oil, Bhargava offers. Although that is ideal for daily nutrition, if you have perfume teeth, then there are also other options. "There is a good friendship with this ingredient in the production of Besan Chela. (Civari Village flour owl), Multigrade or mixed cereal, POA, chicken or pane, especially in the multigrain farms,. " he believes that good health or "food" food even taste Should never compromise. A dash of lemon juice or fresh leafy vegetables can add life to a dish.

The perfect lunch option for diabetes

Glycemic loads Remember to fill each of your meals with vegetables ready to fill your plate and let the bread stay next to it. Finger rules are more than whole grains and pulses and less than night and rice. One tablespoon of 2-3 tablespoons of cooked rice will be enough. Avoid white rice, wheat flour, and fine flour. Instead, switch to brown nuts and all types of jets (bajra / tide/rag). Onion or tofu is a good source of protein. Khanna gives eggs and fish, chicken and even red meat but in smaller parts. Great Milk is not so much, he adds.

What to eat for diabetes, if you have diabetes

Dinner should be similar to lunch with vegetables, slim flour, and complex carbohydrates but should be made more fiber. Vargas offers to add some probiotic rope to keep your gums in good shape. For a few days, you've been craving for a meal on a bowl dinner, a barley soup that is loaded with semi-cupped vegetables. Ramesh said, "Any form for diabetes such as soup, parrage and penises is very good."

Mid-meander snake

The fiber in fruit is not as full crop and juice form as help to proper digestion. Make some healthy snacking options like fruit like apple, pear, orange, jackfruit, onion, guava, papaya etc.

What to eat if you have diabetes?

Eating out for diabetes is not too tricky. "They need to take care in asking whether they have added a dish sugar to be balanced only with flour and sugar, (such as some supplementary in many forms). Otherwise, most food can be arranged," said Dr. Vergave Cold pasta salad is better than the hot pasta meal for a diabetic. It adds about the dna information and all its balance. "A small portion of Biriyani may be compatible with some salads and lots of night. Enjoy some roasted wheat part of the oven by half with some poultry curry or spicy pan."

Work Plan for Diabetes

Exercise is essential for blood sugar control and weight loss. "The best exercise for type 2 or type-1 diabetics is low-volume heat (high-intensity interval training) exercises for insulin-level exercise by low-intensity cardiounen for 20 to 30 minutes before exercising before starting diabetic or exercising. To ensure that the plan works on its behalf. The sugar level before and after the exercise is the norm Sana should be, "said Arun selabhakumara, nyatro beskopa fitness Fitness Manager and Head Coach. Avoid overtraining for cortisol and adrenaline-down strain hormones.

Disclaimer: This article is not considered as an alternative to medical treatment. Consult a doctor before making any changes to your diabetes, especially if you are on medication.