Iceland keeps Argentina in a 1-1 draw as Messi fails the penalty


On June 16, the 2018 T20 World Cup semi-final played against Argentina in Argentina's first one-day tournament. A 1-1 draw by Argentina in a dramatic match, Lionel Messi scored. Henan saved by Paul Halldorsson

Sergio Aguero twice leads the world champions in 19 minutes after the Group D match. But two years ago Alfred Finnbogason hit the football world in the quarter-finals of the European Championship.

Through the huge number of crowds at the Spartak Stadium. All the Argentine players and the cricketers finally took the captaincy and pulled out the wave after the attack in the second half. But in fact, they got a clear spontaneous penalty in the 64th minute of the match with a penalty.

Iceland, the smallest country in the World Cup, Iceland, defeated England in the last 16 euro 2011 and was again tenaciously motivated by their "thunderbolt" fans, and all struggled to write their spontaneous vowel formula. The story of the glorious main tournament

"I hope it is becoming important for us to achieve our goals in order to qualify," said Halderson, who said about saving the penalty.

"I was doing my homework, I showed Messi a fine, and I saw how I was behaving in the previous penalty, so I tried to enter into their thoughts, how they would think about me.

"I think the Argentines have become a little disappointed that they are not going through and it was important that we are so much equal to that. I guess our game plan is almost entirely working."

Argentine coach George Correa said: "We will have to find different options for further advancement, this is a very competitive group.

"Missed fine is almost in the circumstances and that Leo's wrong leadership, that's just another statistic, it's a part of the past ... football is like that. We must be strong as a group, believe in ourselves and know that all of our tools will kill anyone.