IBM Blockchain and AI tech has just started to set reboot marketing


IBM marketing expects of technology services becoming more performance-oriented as it sees in increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain-based platforms.

The company is working on a pilot project using blockchain effectively use of every dollar spent in marketing and reducing middlemen in marketing activities, Michelle Peluso, chief marketing officer at IBM, said in an interview.


IT services companies across the globe have seen a shift in types of work contracts with the majority of their customers opting for outcome-based deals as against long-term and high-value ones. This has been prompted by companies such as IBM, Accenture, TCS, Infosys, and others re-structured their focus on sales and marketing.

The IBM marketing leader deeply believes that the role of CMO has changed to make more data analytics-driven decision and focusing on more one-tone engagement than year-long marketing campaigns.

“It has always been the case study always that marketing budgets are set and fixed budgets. You will have to work on an annual plan and you need to get a budget to spread out your company’s marketing campaign. I see a time that is so near in future when marketing budgets will earn every day. Because as marketing is becoming more of a science and more and more on data-driven then we should be allocating our dollars in a much more agile fashion; teams that have the highest returns, get more money,” said Peluso.

AI and blockchain are considered to be the key enablers of effective and transparent marketing for the ongoing technology service companies.