HPCSA is preparing to review almost regulation of foreign doctors


Tac's Anele Yawa says this is surprising as it already has lack of doctors in the country's hospitals.

Johannesburg - The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) said that the South African Health Council (HPCSA) regulation should be reviewed, which they are giving to foreign doctors during their payment period.

TAC responded to the report that Kenyan plastic surgeon Steve Biko is coming back to his country if the academic hospital does not get an eight-year salary.

Michael Rebeira has obviously one hand in more than 20 surgeries in the country, which can handle hands-on reconstructive micro scars.

TAC's Anele Yawa says this is amazing, as there is a lack of doctors in the country already.

"We have to take these questions to the Health Ministry who knows what is the problem of lack of doctors in our country.

"In some cases, you will know that a doctor has been working in other countries for more than 10 years, they want to move and work in South Africa."