Top 5 Easy Steps to Follow: How To Tag Business On Facebook?


Do you want to know how to tag Business on Facebook? Tagging your business on Facebook is having some benefits. For starters, tagging your business on a Facebook page can drive traffic and convert them to your business clients.

The effects of tagging are having a positive response to your target customers. Facebook is the most influential social platform, with more than two billion monthly users. An estimate is showing 4 percent of adults in the United States use Facebook. They check their social profiles at least once a day.

But Facebook is becoming a “pay-to-play” for business. Exposure businesses require you to run ads to get free organic traffic to your Facebook page. Otherwise, all your carefully crafted social media marketing may go unnoticed because it no longer pops up on newsfeeds.


Fortunately, there are few ways to turn this algorithm shift around and still get organic traffic without relying on paid Facebook ads. Visitors come because of tagging your business with the relevant tagline on your photos and post.

If you tag a person or business in a post, you will receive a notification from the post if someone reacts. More importantly, the post with tagging provides your target clients a direct link to visit your Facebook business page. Tagging on a post or photo of your business is an easy and free way to promote your business. This will help you to reach your potential customers. Let’s know how to use tagging.

5 Easy Steps on How To Tag Business On Facebook

Tagging your business on Facebook is an easy process. Follow these five steps to drive more organic traffic.

1. Tag posts and photos from your Facebook account

You can easily tag your business from your Facebook page or from your personal account. The choice is yours. But tags should be relevant to your business. Tagging your business from your Facebook account provides direct links that help to bring organic visitors to your Facebook page.

Your page’s business name and link will appear as a poster since you are posting as a business owner. Potential customers will also be able to see a link to visit your page through the tags you provide. If you post as an individual, posting may seem less like an ad and maybe biologically popular on the newsfeed.

However, if you fail to tag properly, your business may lose potential customers. Never abuse tagging, and never insist on people to visit your page.

2. Decide where to tag your business

Once you login to your Facebook account, decide where to tag your business to drive traffic to your page. You can use tag your business in a status update that will have a positive response to the photo or the post.

Your business will receive less traffic from the tagging you use in status updates. After tagging your business on Facebook will receive visitors slowly. It needs time to get organic traffic. After all, your existing followers will have the chance always to access the update post.

On the other hand, tagging your business in a photo can be a great way to reach new followers. You have to write something on the photo to make it clear what your business is. If you participate in a community event, you can search for pictures on the regional community group’s Facebook pages and comments, thereby mentioning your business. Tagging your business can point anyone who sees your photos on your Facebook page, helping you reconnect with potential customers you see at the event.

However, the tagging process for photos is a bit different than the process for posts. To tag a photo, simply click on the photo and then circle it until a “tag photo” appears at the screen’s bottom. Click on it, then follow steps three and four of this guide.

The easy way to reach potential customers is to tag your business by replying to posts. Search for Facebook pages and groups that focus on your local community. When someone posts a question related to your business, post an answer, and tag your business.

It can help people directly to visit your Facebook business page. It’s labor-intensive manual PR, but it saves advertising dollars and effectively delivers some organic traffic on Facebook.

3. Type “@” following your business name

To tag your business, start the post with the “@” symbol. Then, start typing your business name. A list of possible matches will automatically expand. Use the name that is relevant to your business.

4. Select your business page

Once you identify your business in the Auto Popular list, click it to tag your business. It’s as simple as that. Interested people will visit your business page automatically.

5. Write your message

After you tag your business, you can add more information to your post. You can consider including information about your business, provide helpful tips about your industry, or answering people’s questions. Ask yourself if it is helpful, entertaining, or useful to you as a reader.

Reasons to tag other business on Facebook

Here are some reasons to tag other business pages on Facebook:

  • When you tag another business, your post will appear on that business page.
  • Your post will expand your presence to followers of the page you tagged.
  • It will help you get more followers and increase engagement.
  • People who are not familiar with your business will see your post.

However, you should not tag other businesses in every single Facebook post. It will only help you if you have reasons to do it. Otherwise, it will recognize by Facebook as spam.

When you should tag other business on Facebook

Tagging your business is a great way to increase the engagement of more people on Facebook. But if you tag on the wrong way, your post will show it as spam. Just make sure before tagging other businesses if it is relevant to your business or not.

  • Some examples of when you can tag other business:
  • You are collaborating with that business on a new product or service.
  • You are both attending the same event or meeting.
  • The owner of this business has visited your business.
  • Contains relevant photos when you share (make sure it’s a business photo)

The advantage of tagging a business on Facebook

There are many advantages to tagging a business on Facebook:

  • You can drive more organic traffic to your Facebook business page.
  • When you are starting tagging your business to the Facebook post, you probably can see it and can change it if you have any mistake on the post.
  • Tagging By using your business name can help people to get more exposure.
  • Tags provide a direct link to your Facebook page.
  • You will get more traffic by tagging your business on Facebook page posts.
  • You can manage people who are already interested in your business.

Tagging your business in response to Facebook posts lets you direct potential interested customers to your Facebook page. For example, if someone in a group is looking for a quick car repair service and you have a repairing center, you can tag your business with an answer and make appointments to knock you.

Comfort and convenience tagging is the game in our digital world. Make it simple for people to find your business, and give tips to help them to get services from your business.

Find new followers:

As more traffic flows to your Facebook page, you can snatch some new followers also. If your business page gets more followers, more people will probably see something posted on your Facebook page. Make it easy to spread the business name about promotions and special events. Also, having more followers can make your business popular, inspiring new customers to check it out.

Get more reviews:

Draw more traffic to your Facebook page can help you get more reviews. In an assumption, 66 percent of customers read reviews for local businesses before deciding to purchase. Tagging your business on a post is an invaluable marketing tool.

Follow the Facebook business help center to get more help to drive traffic for your business.

Pros and Cons tagging a business on Facebook

In short, tagging your business on Facebook will provide tremendous benefits. For starters, tagging your business can drive traffic to your Facebook page; the effects of tagging can snow positively. Extra traffic will help you find new followers and get more reviews. Having more followers and reviews can make your business more attractive to other potential customers.

The main drawback is that often tagging your business may seem like spam to followers. If you want to avoid this, make sure you only tag when your business is relevant. Write a new post by tagging your business every time. If it’s interesting and relevant, people will love it. You can use comments on Facebook by tagging business names will increase online visibility. You can then easily interact with your followers.

However, it is also important to drive organic traffic to your Facebook page. Try tagging on Facebook to promote your business and reach potential customers as long as you should tag with relevance. Tagging your business is a free, easy way to marketize your business.

Are you having trouble tagging a business on Facebook?

If you have trouble tagging your business on Facebook, solve the problem with the following situations.

Are you trying to tag someone?

To tag a business in a thread on Facebook, that person must have already left a comment on that thread. If it does, you won’t be able to tag that person. This prevents spam.

Are you trying to tag another business?

Follow the same steps that already described above, but write the name of the business you want to tag using the ‘@’ sign, not your business name directly. If it doesn’t appear, click on that business page and copy and paste the business name.

Tagging other businesses that relevant to your business is a great social media marketing strategy. This allows followers to view your posts, which can help you reach more people.

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FAQ: How To Tag Business On Facebook

How do you tag your business page on Facebook?

  • Go to your business page and click “Write a Post.”
    Start typing your post.
  • To tag other business pages, start by typing @ symbol and write the name of the business page.
  • Scroll through the options that Facebook gives you and select the right page.
    Post your status.

How do I tag a business on Facebook from my iPhone?

It’s easy to tag a person or page in a status update. Start typing using @ sign with the name of the person or Facebook page that you want to tag. For example, if you tag a media agency in an update, start typing that name using first @ sign, and Facebook will display a list of related people and business pages for you to like, select your desired tag.

How do I tag a page in a comment on Facebook?

To specify a page or group in a post or comment, type the “@” sign and then enter the name of the page or group. And then select a name from the list that appears.

Can I tag someone on my Facebook business page?

You have to go to your Facebook page and click the photo you want to tag. Click the person or page in the photo. Use @ sign and start typing the name of the person or page, then select them from the list. Click Done tagging below.

Why can’t I tag any business on Facebook?

Factors like this mean that the URL of the business page is a different name than the name shows at the bottom of the cover photo. If you have no link to finding the business page, you have to type the page name and tag it, check the business page URL and enter these words instead.

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