6 Steps & Ideas: How To Start A Drone Business?


Want to know how to start a drone business? The commercial drone business would be an exciting business opportunity for you. The drone business also comes with other operations-related tasks such as obtaining a business license, following regulations and buying drone insurance, and so on.

As a new drone service provider (DSP), it is essential to know from marketing to all related issues like operating & repairing a drone. After all, you can consider building a solid foundation for your drone business up for long-term success.


So the question comes, how do you get into a commercial drone business? In this post, we are focusing on licensing and drone business ideas. Here are the quick steps to get you started with UAV Insurance, Commercial Drone Rules, Part 107 Certificates, and much more. Below we are going to discuss how to start a drone business

How to start a drone business commercially

Before deciding to immerse yourself in drone business opportunities, the first step is to enroll in an FAA-approved aviation training program to obtain a remote pilot certificate. You need a prerequisite for being able to run a full-fledged drone business commercially.

You can enroll in Drone Pilot Ground School, which helps new drone pilots prepare for the FAAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test. UAV Coach also provides a step-by-step guide to FAA Part 107 to score a drone certification process covering all new regulations implemented by the FAA for commercial drone pilots in the United States.

Certificates, Licenses, and structure of the drone business

If you are going to run a commercial drone business, you need to be legitimate first. Before flying drones commercially in almost any country, you must get permission from the government.

The drone industry’s authorities are currently tightening their grip on how to control the UAV industry that does not affect within their borders in the United States. They are also focusing on obtaining a certificate as a commercial drone operator and obtaining a license for business purposes.

To remain on your drone business journey, you must take a few necessary steps like obtain Part 107 certifications for you and all pilots you hire. And then, you have to decision on your business structure and file for a business license.

FAA Part 107 Certificate

You may probably hear about Part 107 certification. The law, passed in August 2016, provides a clear path to certification for anyone to operate a drone commercially in the United States. Unlike the old, complicated process, drone operators now only need to follow these steps:

  • Register the drone 
  • Pass the knowledge test
  • Complete Form 8710–13 through the FAA IACRA system

You have to consider the advice from the commercial helicopter pilot and UAV expert. They know the law, regulation, and compensation that need to run a commercial drone business. In exchange for your drone services, you have to consider the business operation commercially – no matter how small your business is.

According to drone experts, you have to give some compensation for running a commercial drone business. If you provide compensation to the government, you can operate the drone business commercially.

For example, if you use a drone for commercial purposes, like a farmer who uses a drone as part of his farming, is considering a commercial drone pilot. It’s a part of the 107 Certificate Act. So if you are thinking of operating your drone for commercial purposes, Part 107 certification is a must for you.

Choose the business structure

If you do any research to start your own business, you’ve probably known of a wide range of business structures. If you are into a new business, you need to spend some time deciding on your legal framework.

Every country is having its rules and some business structures to choose from. As a starting point, the global business culture provides a straightforward explanation of each country’s business structure. Choose one of them like a sole proprietorship and LLC/Corporation.

Sole proprietor

If you decide to become the sole owner in the United States, you do not need to take any special steps other than filing for your state and local business license (and, of course, your Part 107.) Although this is the easy way to take it, it has its drawbacks.

There is no legal difference between you and your business as a sole proprietor. For example, the responsibility for your drone business is a liability, and its debts mean it’s your debts.

LLC or Corporation

You may form an LLC or corporation instead of protecting yourself and your family from financial liability. Corporation and LLC require additional paperwork and filing fees, but this is sufficient for additional legwork. Many people chose this option because of their extra security.

Register your drone business

Once you have established a legal framework for your drone business, it is time to register your business. It starts at the state level, so you have to follow instructions on the Secretary of State’s website and possibly file online. Filing fees are nominal, usually less than $100, and all in all, the process is quite simple.

You can also register your business with your city or county, depending on where you operate. Your Secretary of State’s website may point you in the right direction. If they don’t help you, then contact your city or county clerk’s office for help.

Educate yourself about regulations and compliance 

If you’re going through your whole career without anyone noticing how you are doing a business, then nothing comes from marketing to spread out your business. Why not online marketing for your drone business? 

As Justin Moore of Airborne Aerial Photography told a group of DSPs during a recent drone business webinar, about the ‘reputation’ of your business – and the reputation of the industry as a whole. He said the drone business depends on everyone participating to ensure their safety and compliance.

“It’s not just that someone from the local area is flying into a building. But it’s more than that. Your business model may go under threat,” Justin said if you don’t run your business consciously. It is necessary to know about local, state, and federal regulations surrounding UAVs with serious risk.

Drone business ideas/opportunities:

One person sky filmmaking

Suppose you have basic knowledge of making videos using cameras and aviation. In that case, you can create documentaries, short films, video snippets, and montages at home with the help of a personal drone.

Drone photography business

An assumption is saying that drone photography is one of the largest shares in aerial photography. This drone market focus on collect digital data from various sources.

For example, the architecture, oil and gas, and civil engineering industries rely on drone photography for data collection and resource management.

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Agricultural Management 

Farmers can manually reduce the variable cost of inspecting their farms, as drones can reach the niche area in half the amount of manual labor it takes.

Mapping and industrial inspection business

With the help of geo-referenced maps, regions, and objects, you can easily measure with drones, which would take several days to give a ground survey.

Drone repair service business

The drone repair service business is the Most emerging industry, and it needs the same requirements for maintenance and repair work as other industries do.

With the increasing use of drones worldwide and the associated potential military and domestic drone crashes, a good drone repair service will never be out of work.

Small business delivery

Small businesses can benefit significantly from drones by complying with local regulations and laws. Drones can deliver daily supplies, repair materials supplies, and perform small tasks to reduce small businesses’ operational costs.

Drone advertising and marketing business

There is another unusual function of drones for intelligence gathering and data mining for business. For example, Walmart, one of the largest retail retailers, is testing how drones can help them to improve inventory management.

The real estate drone business

An emerging opportunity in the real estate market is the drone technology that creating video tours for customers interested in property selling. As well as climbing over halls and roofs, drones give customers an immersive experience.

So, the opportunities listed above are just a few of the massive potential that this emerging industry has. Once you understand the basics behind drone use and its business potential, you would take the time to evaluate the possibilities and determine your strengths.

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FAQ: How To Start A Drone Business

What business can you start with drones?

  1. One person sky film unit (filmmaking)
  2. Drone photography business.
  3. Agricultural Management / Inspection Business Business
  4. Mapping and industrial inspection business.
  5. Drone repair service business.
  6. A business that provides professional drone courses.
  7. Small business delivery. 
  8. Drone advertising and marketing business.

Is drone photography profitable?

Make money selling aerial photos and footage is a trending business now. This is a common way to make money with drones to sell pictures and videos of aircraft to people who come into online business. 

What is the demand for drone pilots?

There is a huge demand for drone pilots. The “Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International” AUVSI is predicting that by the year 2025, 1 million new jobs will be available on crewless aerial vehicles.

How to collect drone clients?

Here are a few tips for collecting customers for your drone business:

  • Get to know your customer
  • Keep a colleague close at hand
  • Preview service PRO 
  • Always outreach
  • Don’t panic on the network
  • Try referral programs
  • List more than you talk about

Can you make a living as a drone pilot?

“Flying drones part-time can earn you $500 or $600 a week, and by flying full-time, you can make six-figures annually. Flying for big-name companies can net you $3,500 a day.”

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