12 Steps To Follow: How To Start A Credit Repair Business


How to start a credit repair businesses? A credit repair business is fully manageable service that help customers increase their credit limit or qualify for getting more credit. Your clients will come to you with faulty credit, and your goal is to help them improve it. You can provide specific services by credit repair services usually include inaccurate negative information in your client’s credit report.

You have to manage the entire process on behalf of your client by contacting credit bureaus, credit issuers, payers, and collection agencies. Anyone can start their own credit repair business until they are educating themselves about the process. 

how to start a credit repair business
how to start a credit repair business

Now you know what a credit repair business is. 

Let’s find out how to start a credit repair business:

01: Commit yourself to your full-time job

Serious business owners focus on running a successful business as they are training themselves to make more profit. Few people think they can run a credit repair business within a week besides their full-time job. It is rarely successful.

If you can only reach a few hours a week, clients and prospects will not take you seriously. You can start a Credit Repair Business if you have something serious about the business. And if you want to build a profitable business by taking this as your full-time job. 

02: Create a strong business plan for a credit repair business

Create a successful business plan with measurable growth so that your business can positively impact finance, sales, marketing, and activity goals. The “start first, think later” approach is never a good idea when starting a new business. Make sure you have an advanced business plan before you reach your first prospect.

It covers four key parts of starting a new business:

  1. Financing
  2. Sale
  3. Marketing
  4. Operation

This is a great opportunity to consult with other business owners for advice and building relationships. Remember that you don’t need to spend money on the market for the first time. You have to build a better relationship with your seniors, who are already owning this credit repairing business. 

3: Identify your niche

Identify your target clients. Before you start, you should identify what kind of potential client you are expecting to target. This will affect your approval, marketing, and management strategies.

For example, you can start by targeting people who have recently returned for mortgages whose FICO score is above 540 but less than 620. This will give you a target to determine who is not your potential client. It’s a losing game to take on clients who can’t help you achieve your goals.

4: Study more on a credit repair business

Prepare yourself to manage any situation with continuing education in the field of credit repair. The product you are selling in different ways; you have to be an expert on that. It will help people assume that you can give them advice on very personal and confusing matters.

The more you learn about the credit repair business, the more you will teach your clients. Read more about credit repair techniques, history, and industry. Get training in the credit repair business, attend events, build relationships with other credit repair professionals, and more. Running personal education will help you improve your business. 

5. Representative where possible

Learn how to manage responsibilities and administrative tasks on the team, so feel free to do what you do best. It is difficult for credit repair business owners to give up control. After all, they started this business from the ground up together. But you can’t do it all.

However, working with people with different skill sets strengthen your business. If you are a long-term planner but not so good during the day, hire an experienced person who can help you with the details. At the very least, get an assistant if you are overwhelmed.

6: Build good relationships with clients

Build good relationships with your clients in financial services is a win-win situation. It will help if you have happy clients that would benefit both of you and your clients. Experts are saying that building strong, approved partnerships with your clients will increase your business’s growth.

Mortgage brokers, car dealers, and other lenders share great referrals. They want to get your business successful in ensuring the sale to a customer; otherwise, they will turn back from your potential clients. Concentrate on building these relationships in the early stages of starting your business.

7. Educate your collaborators

Financial affiliates can better refer clients to you if they know how to help people and whom you are looking for. As we mentioned above, authorized partners are an amazing asset. However, they are rarely as powerful when unaware of how your services work and what kind of leads you are looking for.

Get into the “niches” educate your partners/affiliations, so they don’t waste time sending you unrealistic leadership. It helps them provide an educational packet or sales speech. In building collaboration, they will know how to talk to potential clients about your business.

8: Create a standard price structure

You have to start your credit repair business with a standard price structure that will keep you financially viable in the long run. Many people decide the pricing structure depending on their competitors. This often fails because it does not consider your business purpose and can’t profit for you.

Determine the cost for each of your achievements based on the time, money, and resources on achieving your business goals. Make your audit fit to make more profit from your business. 

9: Set an operating system in place

It will help if you have a clear, transparent plan before talking to your first client. You must have a clean, transparent operating system before you can speak to your first client.

This should include your client acceptance process, how you draw credit reports, when clients will be charged, email automation, etc. It will make your life more comfortable in the long run, and your business will look professional to outsiders.

10: Educate your clients

If you want long-lasting results, train your clients on how credit works and help them build their financial strength with better credit habits. Your clients are looking for you to become an expert. 

Once a client is getting into your business system, it takes about 5 minutes to manage each client. So give your clients extra time to educate them and increase your sales.

  • How credit works
  • How they can help speed up the credit repair process
  • How to pay off balances and stop applying for credit

And most importantly, help your clients change their credit and debt habits so that they can maintain their credit for the long-run. This education will give your clients a “wow-factor.” It means they will tell all their friends willingly how much you have helped them. This is the personal touch that drives business like wildfire.

11. Create a website that converts visitors to clients

Create a business website so that people can visit web pages and learn about your business process and your selling product. You can create a consulting page to set a free meeting with your potential clients. A free consultation gives you client contact information to follow up with them for credit.

Create a sign-up form on your website so that interested clients can fill up that page quickly. To create a business website for your credit repairing business, you may contact WecTech. They are experts in web designing and development services for the last 10 years. They are professionally servicing this service with a professional team. 

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12. Set up a client communication platform

We all know there is no possibility of a second chance after the first impression. Avoid common communication mistakes made by newbies in the credit repair business. Try 5% Business calls are not interrupted on the first try, so setting up a professional voicemail is the key to establishing credibility through the first contact.

You have to set up an email with your domain name, not gmail.com, hotmail.com, etc. Increases email delivery and leads to more open emails. Assures clients that your email address is secure and valid. Set a business phone number so that your potential clients can talk to you. 

Consider a toll-free number – it is a great marketing tool as it engages your clients’ minds and uses a credit repair business software. Credit Repair business software will show your credit limit, client information, new clients, business growth, and pre-determination about your business fall. You can do it through your credit repair business software’s CRM features.

FAQ: How to Start a Credit Repair Business

01. Do I need a license to do credit repair?

There are no licenses you need to run a credit repair business. However, there are a few laws you must consider. The Credit Restoration Organizations Act (CROA), a federal law, states that a for-profit company cannot charge fees before performing credit repair work for a consumer.

02. Is a credit repair business profitable?

Credit repair is profitable. It’s a recurring-revenue business that you can launch with just a computer and a phone. Learn to repair credit for yourself and others and start your own profitable business from home. Credit Repair Professionals are always in demand and can earn $10,000 to $20,000 per month (or more).

03. How much should I charge for credit repair?

Almost the most successful credit repair business charges a recurring monthly subscription. Many charges are as low as $59 and some as high as $179 or more. However, the sweet spot is $99 and still profitable compared to the affordable price.

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