Top 10 Steps: How To Get A Business License In Tn (Tennessee)?


Do you want to know how to get a business license in TN (Tennessee)? The people who are looking at how to get a business license in Tn (Tennessee) will enjoy the general ease of doing business in the state. As part of the initial process, you will need to fill out state licenses form to get legal permits from the state registration authority. Here are some important resources available and some of the steps you can follow up. 


10 steps to follow on how to get a business license in Tn (Tennessee).

01.Tennessee Small Business Information

The Tennessee Department of Economics and Community (ECD) websites have pages that are providing necessary guidance to run a small business. The pages provide information about entrepreneurial events, regional business accelerator programs, and capital and investors’ connection. 

There is a Small Business Administration (SBA) office in Nashville. SBA regularly publishes updated information on how to get a business license in Tn (Tennessee). They also provide a specific guide for getting a license for small businesses that you can download from the SBA website.

The Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) is another good resource. The TSBDC website has links to free counseling and training services, as well as other useful information. TSBDC is a sub-department of the national network of SBDCs.

02. Get one or more business licenses

Not every Tennessee business requires a license. However, different types of businesses may or may not receive one or more licenses or permits. Some of these licenses and permits are administered at the state level. Different organizations issue different licenses and permits. 

There are some of the institutes who are issuing the license for importing business:

  • The Alcoholic Beverage Commission Department
  • The Department of Agriculture’s Consumer and Industry Services
  • the Department of Environment & Conservation,
  • The Department of Health (DOH).

In many cases, the subsequent issuance is by companies that sometimes say regulatory permission and license. This is in contrast to professional and vocational licenses. For example, the Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI) is responsible for professional licensing.

In addition to state-issued licenses, many businesses required licenses and permits that are issuing locally in Tennessee. Local business licenses are often associated with local business taxes. You must register with the appropriate state court clerk that you can get from the city tax collection authority.

The city tax collection authority is responsible for providing the local license. You can find more information while visiting the websites (TN Department of Revenue)

03. File records for your business license

Some legal businesses, such as corporations and limited liability firms (LLCs), must file records with the state law for obtaining the necessary licenses or permits. More specifically, corporations, LLCs, and some other business types need to file documents by following “the Secretary of State” rules & regulations (USDS, also known as United States Department of State). You will find the necessary information by visiting the Business Entity Filing section of the USDS website-

04. License register process in Tennessee:

Once you have chosen a legal framework, you can register your business with “the Tennessee Secretary of State” It is noteworthy that it is not expected to file formal documents of sole proprietorship but must comply with all tax requirements.

You must complete and file company articles or articles of association for LLCs and corporations. With a general partnership, all parties must complete and file a partnership authority document.

You can register your business via mail, or you can use the online platform. We want to recommend using the online solution to speed up the process. The website is

06. Tennessee business license cost.

Businesses in Tennessee need $10,000 or more, including taxable sales, to obtain a state business license and insurance easily by “The Tennessee Department of Revenue”

Taxable Sales Businesses with more than $3,000 but less than $10,000 require a minimum activity license. The County Clerk issues a Tennessee business license in the area where your business is located. Thus, the licensing process may vary by the state rules.

07. Get a professional business license

If you are a member of any of the many professions, you need to get a license from the state of Tennessee. The Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI) “” issuing licenses for professionals. The TDCI website lists the occupations from where you can find out your profession and apply for the licenses. You will find a list from accounting to soil scientists. 

TDCI does not govern some professional regulatory boards. For example, boards for health-related professions are governed by DOH Health Professional Boards. You can access more information from the DOH website – The Board of Professional responsibility - is regulating all the attorneys to permit necessary business licenses. 

Example: Campbell wants to work as a limited licensed plumber. In different states of Tennessee (state and local), river dredging is regulated. Among other things, Manuel has to pass an exam and apply for a license from the Tennessee Board of Licensing Contractors. He can get detailed information about the board and its licensing requirements by clicking on the limited licensed plumbing link on the TCDI website

08.Register a trademark or service mark

There are separate rules and regulations for trademarks and service marks. However, more generally, trademarks, service marks, and business names are used to identify a product, service, or business uniquely. This includes any product, service, or business unique from potential competitors. Trademarks and service marks you have to register with support of the state. (This is different from federal registration) You will find more information while visiting the trademark SOS website –

Example: The owner wants to sell his coffee-cocoa candy bars under the name “Mall’s Sweet Brown Brass Bars.” So – after verifying whether the name is already in use or not – if the name is blank, then he can apply for registration with the help of the SOS website-

09.Additional information to get a business license

This article only gives you a brief overview of getting licensing and registration in Tennessee. You can find more information on small business articles here at Many of these articles are part of a 50-state series – so you can get a lot of information that relates to Tennessee’s state. 

10. Create a website after getting your license

Create a business website so that people can view web pages and learn about your business processes and the products and services you sell. You can create a consultation page for free meetings with your potential clients. A free consultation gives you to collect contact information from your potential clients.

Create a sign-up form on your website so that interested clients can quickly fill out that page. You can contact WebTech to create a business website for your business in TN. They specialize in web designing and development services for the past 10 years. They are successfully serving web development services with the help of 10 web developers.

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Tennessee Registration and Business Fees:

  • Name Reservation is $20.00
  • Articles of Organization is $50.00 per member (minimum fee = $300, maximum fee = $3,000)
  • Articles of Incorporation Charter For Profit Corporation is $100.00
  • Certificate of Limited Partnership is $100.00
  • Certificate of Limited Liability Partnership is $50.00 per member (minimum fee = $250, maximum fee = $2,500)

FAQ: How To Get A Business License In Tn (Tennessee)

01. How do I get a small business license in Tennessee?

  • Get a Tennessee business license.
  • Visit your local government website. 
  • Complete the application form. 
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Renew your business license.

02. Can you get a business license online in Tennessee?

Registration for the following taxes is available on the Tennessee Taxpayer Access Point (TNTAP) – ““: 

03. How do I go about getting a business license?

Go online or find your county office that works with a business license to learn the process. The website page is “” Fill out a form with your business information. Usually, you have to pay a fee between $15 to $50.

04. How much does an LLC cost in TN?

To get LLC registration, you need to pay some fees with the necessary file filling from the state’s authorized organization. The filing fee is determined by the number of members upon the filing of the Articles of Organization. The minimum filing fee for an LLC is $300, and the maximum is $3,000. Each member is $50.

05. How do you get a business loan?

Steps to Getting a Business Loan:

  • Determine how much money you need. 
  • Decide which type of loan fits your needs. 
  • Check your credit score.
  • Put together the necessary paperwork. 
  • Determine the value of your security. 
  • Apply for the loan.

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