How to Create a Moving Budget for Villas Movers in Dubai

villas movers in dubai
villas movers in dubai

If you don’t have a lot of experience with the moving process, you may not even know where to start. Which line items apply to you depends on many variables, such as: For example, whether you hire Office movers in Dubai or do the work yourself, whether you have a large house full of furniture or a small, sparsely furnished apartment, and how far away you are.

Moving can be expensive. Even if you are transferred and the company you work for does the job, you can still have significant costs of your own. Therefore, get together well in advance of the move and draw up a detailed moving budget checklist.

Below is a list of common moving company costs, both for those who hire professionals and those who move. Some of the most popular moving budget templates are also provided to get you started.

When you hire professional moving companies:

Basic moving fee:

If you are paying for the move yourself, it is a good idea to obtain multiple moving quotes to ensure you get the best possible price. The quotes you receive should include work and fuel. Your offer will vary depending on how long the move takes and the size of the crew that is moving you.

Moving a household from one state to another cost an average of AED 4,300 (1,225 miles). Moving from one city to another within a state costs an average of AED 2,300 (4 moves / $ 200 an hour). Both averages use 7,400 pounds as a base.


If you’re moving locally, you can expect it to cost around AED 25 an hour per move. These moving costs can vary based on where you live and a number of other factors. Examples:

Efficiency apartment: AED 150- AED 250 for 2 movers who work 3-5 hours

Two-Bedroom Apartment: AED 375- AED 525 for 3 movers working 5-7 hours

3 bedroom apartment: AED 700- AED 1000 for 4 movers who work 7-10 hours

Homes over 5,000 square feet: AED 1,500 to AED 2,000 and up

Additional services:

These are services that you request and that are not included in a basic offer. The moving companies pack your things and provide the packaging material for an additional fee. If you have special packaging requirements for equipment or fragile items such as pianos and works of art, additional fees will apply.

If you have a two- or multi-story home, you may be charged a flight fee as the moving staff has to move the furnishings up or downstairs. You can also charge a fee if the removal team has to move your belongings from your home to the van over a longer than normal distance. This can happen if you live in an apartment where parking is limited and the moving van needs to be parked some distance away.

Excessive freight:

The more things you have, the more it will cost you to transport. If you have particularly valuable items or large items like a grand piano that require extra care when packing, expect a higher price tag.

This is a good reason to search the whole house and get rid of anything that you no longer have a use for. Donate all you can, do a garage sale and sell what’s of value and throw the rest away.

Insurance policy:

You will receive a standard valuation report from your moving company. However, this is not the same as insurance. Appraisal cover is the liability the company takes if your property is lost or damaged in the process of moving. The standard moving policy covers the shared protection value which is AED 0.60 / pound for items, not the full market value.

You can add full protection that gives you full coverage and repairs anything that breaks. It replaces broken items with similar items or gives you the full market value in cash. Full protection doesn’t cover particularly valuable items (those more than AED 100 per pound).

You can opt for liability insurance that complements valuation protection ratings, covers natural disasters, and covers extremely valuable items (over AED 100 / pound).


Surcharges: Many Villas movers in Dubai charge additional fees for moving customers during peak times such as weekends, holidays, and summer months. If you have some flexibility, consider moving in the off-season to save money.

Tip: You should tip the moving staff when they are doing a good job. 5% of your total bill is reasonable and estimated.

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