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How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer Machine

Cleaning is a significant thing to keep your living area usable or make your car looking shiny and beautiful. For a perfect purification, efficient cleaning equipment is very crucial. The pressure washer machine is one of the best cleaning apparatus at modern times. Its versatility in cleaning operation and washing made it popular among people immensely. There are many types of pressure washers of different brands and models. They are designed to meet various client requirements. It is tough to choose the best pressure washer machine from the long list of its varieties.

Pressure Washer Machine

Some are too costly to afford, some are very light in weight, or some may be too heavy. Some require constant refueling, and some are free from refueling. Post-purchase service, delivery, and warranty conditions are not the same for all models and brands. Before choosing the best pressure washer for your task, it is very crucial to focus on some particular factors missing which might be disastrous for your cleaning operation. Your purpose may not be fulfilled, the cost may overrun or you may fell in a situation that re-purchasing may require. All of these might happen if you choose the best cleaning equipment, pressure washer machine, in the worst way. So, let’s see how to choose the master cleaner of your walkway, fencing or car in a tricky and effective way.

Quality of an Idea Pressure Washer Machine

To judge a pressure washer’s quality, it is essential to look at some factors. They indicate the performance, quality, longevity etc. and help in your ultimate selection. Among those factors, the following are prominent.

  1. Water flow rate
  2. Water pressure
  3. Cleaning unit
  4. Provided Accessories
  5. Price
  6. Warranty
  7. Customer service

Water flow rate is measured by GPM (Gallons per minute). It is a crucial factor to decide the performance of the pressure washer. Pressure washer units of low water pressure are for small-scale works, and high-pressure units are useful for handling tough cleaning tasks.
Cleaning Unit (CU) is an indication of a fast cleaning capacity of the pressure washer. For example, the cleaning capacity of an industrial pressure washer is nearly 30000 whereas a home grade unit is of 2000 CU only.

In the market, there are some models which come with additional accessories like hose pipe, etc. The length and the quality of the pipe may vary. For a high-pressure water jet, it is important to have a high-pressure resistant pressure washer hose.

Price is, of course, another notable issue. Usually, electric types are cheap pressure washer and gas power washers are costlier.

All brands and models are not provided with the same warranty condition and period.
Customer service is an effective issue for brand value and reputation.
So, choosing the best pressure washer depends on the proper selection of a model of a reliable brand whose price would be reasonable and justified in terms of performance and service. In this way, a completely dependable and the best pressure washer machine be chosen.

Choosing the Best Electric Pressure Washer Machine

The pressure washers are comparatively lighter, and they are free from the hassle of refueling. So, they are very effective for users who prefer to have a lighter, powerful, and easy-to-use pressure washer.

An excellent electric pressure washer would have an actual power rating so that users can realize whether it is suitable to use it at the existing power connection. Correct ampere, voltage, and wattage are very crucial to run the motor accordingly to achieve sufficient water flow at maximum pressure. If connected to a wrongly matched power connection, the machine may be damaged.

TSS (Total Stop System) equipped pressure washers to save energy and water simultaneously by resisting unwanted water flow. It should have an efficient motor cooling system and up-to-date, long-lasting pump. Latest pump and motor equipped electric pressure washers consume less power and exert more water at extra force. Besides these, reasonability of price provided offers during purchase, long warranty period, flexible warranty condition, and excellent customer service are at the checklist of a best rated electric pressure washer.

Looking at the price is important because, if you are looking for the best quality product, you must cost a little higher. However, if you go in comparison with a gas-powered washer, then electrical washers are of course cheaper.

From pressure washer reviews, Sun Joe SPX3000, Karcher K5 Premium, Greenworks GPW1501 are some of the best rated electric pressure washers. Sun Joe SPX3000 is the best lightweight electric pressure washer. Greenworks GPW1501 is the most powerful among the lightweight class of pressure cleaner. Moreover, if you need something heavy but electronic powered, then NorthStar 1573021 is for you. The price of this pressure washer on Amazon is $850, and it is the best among the heavyweight category.

Choosing the Best Gas Pressure Washer Machine

Gas pressure washers are notable for their performance at high pressure and ease of mobility. They are fitted to accomplish more laborious tasks very quickly. They are very powerful than electric pressure washers. You can select it for use at home or in a commercial place. However, gas pressure washers are costlier. On an average, it requires $150 excess to purchase even a small gas pressure washer than an electric one. Though the price is higher, regarding performance and mobility gas powered cleaner are superior to electric pressure washers.

For selecting the best gas pressure washer machine, the important things to be checked are motor quality, pump type, fuel type, the maximum pressure created, GPM, included items in the package, warranty, maintenance requirement, and exclusive features.
A good quality gas power washer contains a very powerful motor of top-class quality. For example, Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S is powered by a 190cc Honda motor. Pump type varies from model to model. But, a durable pump is very important to keep a cleaning unit powerful over the years.

It uses gas as fuel and an efficient unit utilizes minimum gas for producing maximum pressure. So, the best gas pressure unit must be energy efficient.
Pressure creation by a gas pressure washer varies. Very powerful industrial pressure washers are capable of producing pressure more than 4500 psi. Weight should be uniform and consistent. A full gas pressure washer should include items like wheels for ease of movement, onboard storage facilities, etc.

Warranty and maintenance issues are two important indicators for judging a pressure washer’s service life. Usually, gas pressure washers require frequent maintenance and without this, its lifetime decreases severely. So, for this type of cleaner warranty is a very crucial issue and a good product should cover a longer duration of warranty at a flexible condition.

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S, Generac 7019, etc. are some of the best gas pressure washer machines. $379 worth Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-Includes shipping and 2-year limited consumer warranty and Generac 7019 costs $399.

So, choose your best one of the brands mentioned above and types depending on the requirements and budget.

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