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How Influencer Contest With Marketing?

According to a survey of Bloglovin, 54% of women had purchased a product or service after social posting on social media, and 45% followed a brand because an influential person created a sponsored post about their product.

So it is not surprising that many brands are heading towards influential marketing to push their products. But if you are a new brand without having to pay a bigger name to impress your sales, but what do you do?

The influential will not be celebrities

A survey of Google found that 70% of teenage YouTube viewers are more likely to be influenced by YouTube users than traditional celebrities. If your target audience is the teenager bracket then this certainly has something to consider.

But why do they like favorite celebrities?

There is obvious north relatability. Let’s take Kylie Jenner as an example. Yes, he is an icon in the eyes of impressive teenagers, but his enjoyable lifestyle is something that they can really do? It is unlikely that average ink can find common ground with Kyle, while YouTube represents more consistent personality and lifestyle.

The survey has suggested that YouTube vloggers will listen to their conversations by communicating with their followers, not creating a friendly feeling. And the difference between YouTubers creates a bond with their fans, come forward to more attracted viewers. According to a Google survey, the top 25 YouTube stars watched again three times, did double work and repeatedly commented that celebrities made videos

The takeaway from this point is: splash out celebrities for the promotion of your product is not always needed. Popular YouTube can be as influential as a celebrity as your brand unless it comes to a young audience.

The problem is, big YouTubers still come with an impressive dominant fee. But if you’ve started and still do not have the funds to get a popular internet star to encourage your brand, yet still do not close the door on dominant marketing

What is a micro-effector?

Micro-dominant dominant influential people who have fewer subscribers and followers than those who hit major times in influential marketing world. We are talking less than 10000 since thousands of influential people have the effect. But small statistics do not stop you off.

If you improve your brand and attract micro-influencers in the promotion of your e-commerce stores, they may actually be profitable rather than using millions of followers. Because, we have already touched, so when the time comes to bring the trust and relation between the visitors (and instead, their purchase decisions), then.

Micro-influencers are reliable

Micro-influential people appear to be more direct and reliable, and their opinions are more trustworthy by the public. See, the problem of celebrities and big names influencers is that they are a distant distance from their fans and folks. A micro-influencer that takes the same interest and taste as their followers gives the possibility of more sympathy and understanding from their audience, and therefore the audience thinks micro-influencers can understand them and their problems.

As you can see, there is a small level of micro-influential people that they can still keep things private. They take longer to respond to comments and messages, which means they are developing strong faith with their audiences.

Micro-influential people are expensive

Micro-hosters do not tend to run their blog or social media channels as a full-time work instead of participating as a hobby as well as a regular work, meaning that you can work with them for a low cost, with a celebrity effector.

Micro-influencers are often paid free of charge; For example, if you gift them with a free pair of free pick or shoes, they will then be happy to review your product for their followers.

Influential marketing options

Influencer marketing is not the only way to create awareness about your brand or product. You can promote viral marketing and/or press.

Viral marketing system

It is currently working for some of our clients to increase brand awareness. In a question, the system is vyper.io, a tool that allows you to create competition for building your audience through spreading awareness of your ongoing competition.

It is easy to visualize pop-ups and other spam-like content when you think of sound competition. But when a competition is done well, it can add huge value to your visitors. It became a fun, exciting and powerful way to quickly follow when still perfect and on-brand remains and results are fast: the founders of digital resources have reported 13.603 new subscribers within 10 days, through which Vyper has been used.

Since the main goal of this competition is to create and lead brand interest, it is important to highlight relevant. Therefore, the prize of the offer should be rather than attracting random people than the audience, who only want free things

Basically, if you give a favorite reward of a competition – such as a trip to London Fashion Week, or drawing a continuous photo if you are a fast fashion brand – that there is a high likelihood of winning the competition depending on how many people enter that competition. They mention and how many times they will enter

Promote news

It was not always about influential people. Back in the day, the “things” before the dominant was the main way to increase external awareness – and it is still a popular method now.

Outreach is created by creating an editorial calendar based on what’s happening in your industry; Take fashion again, fashion trends around the new trends and also throughout the year. You need to create a press list of relevant, high authority contacts to find your components, and your product needs launch, key trends, season events and so almost to reach regular press releases.

Promotion is a costly option because it can not cost you financially. However, it should be noted that you need to have a contact for outreach, and those relationships can be time and effort to establish.


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