Here is the latest Florida sports news from the Associated Press


Indirect (AP) - Hong Hani first noticed something when Tiger came out of the dinner table to drink some food suddenly to drink and move his eyes and move and stay until he can walk. This was the first signature. Woods was only 13 days away with the 2008 Open with the US Open. Ten years ago Woodz went on to win Torri Pins for his 14th head. It remains its last one

Miami (AP) - Caleb Smith played in six innings and helped to beat Miami Marlin 4-0 in the San Diego Parade, in his first career, an Indian Reserve Bank was more than one. Smith scored four hits and two wickets in five 1/3 innings. Brad Ziegler played 1 2/3 innings and took three wickets for Dwayne Stacknerr and Kyle to complete three out-of-shot breaks.

ST Petersburg, Fla (AP) - Marco Gonzales won his fourth straight start and Seattle Mariners defeated Tampa Bay Race by 4-3 goals and won 16 out of 20 matches. Gonzales played in the eighth innings and left the game after taking a throw on the first base.

Chapel Hill, N.C. (AP) - Cody Roberts hit three runs in Homer because North Carolina Statson was one of the best three NCAA Super-regional series games in 7-4. White Hero's team can win their first college world series trip after winning the Saturday game in 2013. Roberts scored a hat-trick with AC Logan Gilbert for the fifth time with a 1-1 draw with two centuries. Gilbert took the damage to Stetson after this week's Major League Baseball Draft 14th overall choice.

Gainesville, Fla. (AP) - Casey Mais and Bradley Singer seem to be trying to pitch in the face of the last few weeks or even months. After the first round of the Major League Baseball Draft, Mais and Singer will be on Saturday for the first time. At the top of the decree, the selected sweetheart was Detroit. The singer went overall at 18th in Kansas City. This is a match-up for millionaire members soon in the NCAA Baseball Tournament. Mais and Singer will be closed for the third time in 15 months. This meeting is delayed further.

ST Petersburg, Fla (AP) - Starter Chris Ayar, Gold Glove Center Fielder Kevin Kiermar and Short Post Adenie Hekweyeri are coming back from the disabled list on the opening day of the Tampa Bay Ray.