Health System under Stress but Not Collapsing According to ‘Motsoaledi’


Health Minister “Aaron Motsoaledi” has emphasized on many of the state hospitals and clinics those are struggling due in the part to the burden of disease and the lack of management skills also.

Health Minister ‘Aaron Motsoaled’ admits in South Africa’s public healthcare sector that is under stress but it’s not collapsing still now.

Speaking to Eyewitness News, Motsoaledi explained that what a collapse would mean in the sector.

“My understanding of a collapse is what happened in the North West, where health services were closed altogether, where staff could not get involved into the work, when patients were barred from the hospital and when the warehouse delivering medicine.  was all this closed off? That indeed was a collapse.”

He added in another statement “When I said it’s distressed then I mentioned a number of things but the services are going on. For instance, we are still running the world’s biggest HIV/Aids programme at 4 million people, which is the biggest amount of people we are covering. We are still treating all about 300,000 people who have a disease of TB. Out of the 1,2 million women are pregnant annually. We’re still delivering babies over 1 million people.”

Motsoaledi also said that the lack of management skills have impacted in the health service. So, management skills program should be arranged to develop a further improvement in the health sector.

Johannesburg’s Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital was brought to a virtual standstill after some staff members who went on the rampage over unpaid bonuses. In the North West, the provincial Health Department has been placed under the administration.