Have you noticed something wrong here?


According to Trump latest physical results, the White House is not suitable for the president’s health announced publicly in January this year.

However, the picture of G7 leaders across the country showed fewer fractions than Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who was 6’2 “tall.

Though the difference in height is spontaneous, it raises a question about the President’s health. Critique suggested that he overestimated his height so his Body Mass Index (BMI) was recorded as “obese” instead of “overweight”.

According to his body, the President weighs 239 pounds (108 kg), which puts his BMI at 29.87.

But if he is 6′-2 “or less, then he is recommended by the difference of height with Mr. Trudeo, but his BMI will jump over 30, put him in the” Magazine Class 1 “section.

Earlier this year, Trump declared herself “excellent health” after her first medical examination, she spoke clearly about her health.

Trump is busy with military doctors at Walter Reid National Military Medical Center in Maryland, for about three hours. One test is that the White House. Ronny Jackson was good. ”

“The President is able to report pretty well on health and some details on Tuesday. Jackson said in a brief statement delivered by the White House about Presidential Health.

President’s health is a rare event in the last two years.

In the 2012 election, trilogy and its democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s health examination was going on. After the release of World News after Clinton’s fall in New York’s September 11 memorial meeting.

Earlier, the Trump campaign raised questions about Mrs. Clinton’s health status. At that time, Democrats asked Republicans to publish their own health records