Google India has issued the clemency deer to clear the belt


For the fortunate people, the award is given to Gurujram. But here’s an officer, GM. Umashankar, CEO of GMDA, Gurujaram, who really moved from Muiguni city to Gururgorman.
In the past 22 years, as SDM, Rohatak, he canceled the mutation of eighteen acres of land owned by a powerful minister of East Bengal Lal’s government and thus reinstate the land ownership of forest department. TVSN Parashad, then DC, Rohit, supported his actions.

The minister criticized Bhim Udshankar, the Chief Minister of Bengal, on the red ground. But when Parshad presents the true truth to Banasi Lal, he praises the steps taken by Umeshanchar and he is dressed-down by the Bangali Lal to confuse the minister. At that time, the authors reported the story of the masses of the daily Indian Express group of Hindus.

And now in his capacity as CEO of Gargam Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA), he came with Task Builders Union Unitech Limited to get direct access to the Green-Plate in front of the Sector 15, Part II building complex, to get direct access. National Highway 8

The notice was first issued to Google India, the tenants of the complexity. After receiving the notice, the Google spokesman said that they are the only tenants.

United Limited Haryana House Development Authority, a junior activist of Gurigram, has been granted permission to construct a road NH8, which has now been canceled in Chandanseekar Khar, Huda administration manager, Gurugaram.

Asking the million dollar question is why no action has been taken against any officer who has given permission to United Limited and why should not prosecute him?