Gojek Clone – Things That You Need To Keep In Mind Developing The CubeJekX 2021 App

Gojek Clone App

On-demand applications that offer people a wide range of services are popular nowadays. Today many companies are taking advantage by building their app like Gojek Clone.

Are you thinking of building On-Demand Multi-services App – CubeJekX 2021? Before you get in touch with a reputed Gojek Clone App Development Company to make a user-friendly Super App, there are things that you should know about developing an app like Gojek.

What Is Gojek Clone Application?

It is an on-demand application that allows users to instantly receive or schedule their services accordingly.

It also allows the user to choose from the different service providers based on the proximity, prices, and types of services to avail, ratings, etc.

Gojek Clone is considered the top-selling clone script today. It has revolutionized the on-demand market by offering 70 + on-demand services to the users under a single app.

The Super app is been inspired by a successful app model Gojek. This On-Demand Multiservices App has the potential to handle innumerable users, service providers, and delivery drivers easily. It is a scalable app that allows you to grow and expand without you spending money on it.

How Gojek Clone Business Model Will Work?

Ideally, an On-Demand Multi-service App like Gojek provides quick access to the customers to avail any services in few swaps. Everything is quick, easy, and seamless.

Usually, an app like Gojek focuses on providing people 70+ services to the people on the go. This way it makes it relatively easy for consumers to avail the online marketplace at their convenience.

Available in the form of both web app and mobile app for the users to get their service faster and easier.

In turn, it manages the entire business activities from the dashboard. It allows you to watch over every single, ongoing, and completed order/service.

The work pattern is similar to that of Gojek Applications.

  • Download the app and register using social media credentials, phone number, or email id
  • The app home page will have the list of primary services – Taxi booking, On-Demand Delivery & Other Services
  • The user will choose accordingly and there will be sub-categories of the respective services display to choose from
  • Choose and add accordingly to the cart / Confirm taxi booking
  • Make payment
  • Get notification
  • Give feedback

Why Gojek Clone App is Preferred Choice Of Entrepreneurs

Low cost – The On-Demand Platform like Gojek is offered at a fraction of the price when compared to developing an app from ground zero.  The cost is the primary attraction for entrepreneurs.

Wide range of services – It comprises 70+ On-Demand Services that help people to access a wide range of services anytime, anywhere.

Adjustment as per the customer preferences – You are buying an app that eliminates the future hassles of customization and spending extra over it. The Gojek Clone Source Code is built on an open-source code that allows you to make adjustments as per your changing customer’s preferences.

Various payment methods – The CubeJekX 2021 app comes integrated with secured payment gateways that are highly secured, reliable, and fast. Also, depending on the location you can introduce Cash On Delivery.

How To Make On-Demand App like Gojek – Important Steps

Do your research

It is a huge mistake that when start-ups and entrepreneurs care about what is the coding, features, and OS and forget about the main idea

The coding and other technical details guarantee that your app will be smooth running. However, it requires more than that. It will need custom research that helps you figure out their choices, preferences, their problems, etc.

On-Demand Delivery App Development | An Enkindling Guide

Following are the primary tips:

Learn what triggers your customers like their spending behavior, pains, what kind of services they are availing of the most, etc. You can build your customer base on these searches.

Focusing on unique features. The market is saturated with similar On-Demand Multiservices App. To attract more customers what is it that your app should have. Nobody likes to use a similar kind of app with the same features.

You can’t make everyone happy. If you do, you won’t be able to build a user-centric app. Focus on the majority.

Choosing from the latest Gojek Clone September 2021 features

If you are not sure of which features you shall include, discuss them with the app development team. Depending on the location, they will suggest the features to make a successful launch.

However, the latest Gojek Clone App Features of the September edition includes:

  • This feature of “Restricting the driver’s fraud” prevent the driver to mark arrived unless he/she reaches the destination.
  • This allows the admin to reassign the delivery driver to complete the pending orders. The orders are completed on time thus ensuring timely deliveries.
  • Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings enable the restaurant owners to add multiple togging and add options for the items displayed in the menu. This allows more variation, thus more profits on every order.
  • Gojek Clone App allows stores to list under multiple service categories if they are offering more than one services
  • Also, the app has location-wise banners and push notifications where you can target specific users accordingly
  • The mobile number verification is sent through a Firebase 3rd party integration that is a huge money saver. The business owners do not have to pay for the service up to a certain time frame.
  • The SKU code feature allows the store owners and restaurants to quickly search the items based on the SKU code.

Choosing the technology stack

To Build On-demand Mobile App like Gojek will require using the latest technology stack. You want to make sure that that your app is flexible and scalable.

Choosing an OS platform to build a Gojek like App is the most important part. As this is directly related to the customer’s user experience. It is recommended that you launch the app on both Android and IOS platforms. The CubeJekX 2021 app development team that you hire is the right people to guide you through when it comes to the technology stack.

Finding the right app development company

Now that you have got better clarity over developing your own On-Demand Multi Services App, it is time to start looking for a reputed App Development Company.

Many of the entrepreneurs prefer choosing freelancers which might be a good idea but not in the long run. Your app will need maintenance, bug support, technical support as well. So, once your app is developed you have to spend extra. Thus, hiring the app development company will take care of these and much more at a reasonable cost.

You can ask for the demo which is free of cost and take as much time you need. If you have a query connect with the executive and they will provide you with the right solution. Once the order is placed, the team starts with the white-labeling process so that you can customize as many times as you want.